Question: How To Play Neutral Evil?

What does it mean if im neutral evil?

A neutral evil character is typically selfish and has no qualms about turning on allies-of-the-moment, and usually makes allies primarily to further their own goals. Another valid interpretation of neutral evil holds up evil as an ideal, doing evil for evil’s sake and trying to spread its influence.

How do true neutrals act?

True Neutral definition A neutral character does what seems to be a good idea. She doesn’t feel strongly one way or the other when it comes to good vs evil or law vs chaos. Most neutral characters exhibit a lack of conviction exhibit a lack of conviction or bias rather than a commitment to neutrality.

What is a neutral villain?

Neutral Evils are often seen as representing a character who is purely out for themselves and does not feel tied to rules or authority like a Lawful Evil character nor is needlessly violent like a Chaotic Evil character. Basically, these villains are neutral, but mostly on the bad side.

Is neutral evil rare?

Evil alignments are rare in Dungeons & Dragons, with only 8% of players choosing any of the three evil alignments in D&D, according to D&D Beyond.

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Can neutral evil do good?

A Neutral Good character will take the action that does the most Good in the world, whereas, a Neutral Evil character will do what is best for themselves without a second thought for anyone else, or take the action that will spread as much Evil in the world as they can if that’s what motivates them.

Is Chaotic Neutral bad?

It’s not inherently a bad alignment. A character that survives by their wits with no real lean towards being inherently good or bad but tends to operate outside the law would be considered chaotic neutral.

Are true neutrals selfish?

True Neutral characters can seem somewhat selfish, but they can also seem rather happy-go-lucky in comparison to more responsible characters.

What is a true neutral?

The neutral alignment, sometimes known as true neutral, was an alignment that did not include prejudice or compulsion. Those of such an alignment either disregard any commitment to good, evil, law and chaos, or believe a balance is needed between these forces in the world.

What is the rarest alignment?

True Neutral is at once the rarest and the most common alignment in the multiverse. 6

Is Captain Jack Sparrow chaotic neutral?

2 Jack Sparrow: Chaotic Neutral His character is always fun to watch and cannot be compared to anyone else in the franchise. While he is hardly evil, Jack is nowhere near good either. Underneath all the hilarity, he is still selfish and manipulative and seems to use every given opportunity to betray his allies.

Is the Joker neutral evil?

The Joker, being a person who is literally insane and kills people for the fun of it, is the epitome of a chaotic evil character. But remember, at the same time, someone who kills people just for fun can also be a Lawful – Evil character.

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Is neutral evil the worst?

Neutral evil is the most dangerous alignment because it represents pure evil without honor and without variation. These characters willingly cooperate with anyone who will further their own ends.

Is Spiderman chaotic good?

Spiderman – Chaotic Good – he’s a vigilante who runs from the police constantly.

Is true neutral boring?

The True Neutral alignment is often overlooked in Dungeons & Dragons. It’s stereotyped as the “ boring ” alignment and players tend to flock towards alignments with more obvious directions, like Lawful Good or Chaotic Evil.

How can I be lawful evil?

Lawful Evil definition A lawful evil villain methodically takes what he wants within the limits of his code of conduct without regard for whom it hurts. He cares about tradition, loyalty, and order but not about freedom, dignity or life. He plays by the rules but without mercy or compassion.

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