Question: How To Play Lithium?

What tuning is Lithium?

First off, you will need to tune your guitar a whole step down from standard tuning in order to follow along with the video lesson and the original recording. The exact notes of the strings will be lowest pitch to highest, D G C F A D. The entire song is made up of 3 distinct riffs.

What key is lithium in?

“Lithium” is composed in the key of E Major, while Kurt Cobain’s vocal range spans one octave and three notes, from the low- note of D4 to the high- note of G5.

What is the easiest Nirvana song to play on guitar?

Well, to name a few for starters:

  • Something In The Way.
  • Drain You.
  • Lithium.
  • Polly.
  • Sappy.
  • You Know You’re Right.
  • Rape Me.
  • Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle.

What guitar did Kurt Cobain use on Lithium?

The Big Muff was used on the Nevermind album with the Fender Bassman for the heavy parts in the song Lithium, however it was not a core part of Kurt’s tone in this era. It became a much bigger part of the rig on the In Utero tour. For the Nevermind era it’s use was minimal.

Is Lithium in drop D?

100% sure CAYA is in D standard. Lithium is in E standard.

What tuning is come as you are?

The tuning (thick string to thin) will be D G C F A D. To play along with the unplugged version you tune down half as much, so one semitone down. You can Capo 1 and tune as normal and then remove the capo or use your tuner to tune to Eb, A, D, G, Bb, Eb.

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