Question: How To Play Light Tanks Wot?

Which is the best light tank in WOT?

The ELC is the best scout and the T49 is the best light tank.

Are light tanks obsolete?

the idea of light, medium, heavy, and super heavy tanks as a designation for class is obsolete and has been since the end of WWII. light tanks were mostly used for scouting/recon missions or armored airborne support. but they are NOT light tanks.

How do you scout in World of Tanks?

Scouting in World of Tanks involves using your tank’s view range to detect enemy positions before they can spot you, then transmitting the information to your teammates. If you’re new to Light tanks, check out our article on the best Light tanks for noobs to give yourself a headstart!

What is the best medium tank in World of Tanks?

The UDES 15/16 is a very good tank. You could say it’s even better than the 430U or the Patton. Good alpha, good DPM and a decent gun. Hull down, it’s a very effective tank.

What was the best light tank in ww2?

The M24 Chaffee — arguably the best light tank of World War II — was a fast light armoured vehicle with the ability to deliver relatively large caliber direct fire with the excellent 75 mm M6 gun. More than 4.000 produced by Cadillac and Massey-Harris during 1943-45.

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What is the best Tier 10 medium tank in World of Tanks?

But for me the most fun tier 10 medium is Leo 1. The Object 140. It was already my favorite over the 430U before the buff, but now it’s legitimately better. DPM, gun handling, accuracy, mobility, near best in class camo rating, and 445 VR without optics (BiA,vents).

What is the heaviest tank?

The heaviest tank ever constructed was the German Panzerkampfwagen Maus, which weighed 188 tonnes (414,469 lb).

Can a tornado pick up a tank?

Tornadoes vary in strength and size, but the only tornado that would be able to do any serious damage to a 70 ton tank would be an EF-5/4. Depending on how strong the winds are (and if it can catch the tank ) it will move it, and definitely damage it, but not in the same way a semi truck or freight train will be.

How many generations of tanks are there?

Post-Second World War battle tanks today are today classified into four distinct generations. The first generation included platforms such as the Soviet T-55 and American M48 Patton, while the second, which began to enter service from the early 1960s, was dominated by the Soviet T-62 and American M60.

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