Question: How To Play Kayn?

Where should KAYN start?

Where Does Kayn Start in the Jungle? Kayn does not need a leash to start. This gives your team a big advantage upfront. Start at the Raptors and always start with your “Q” ability.

What Lane can KAYN play?

Your first ability for level 1 should be Q Reaping Slash, and then you should start maxing out Q Reaping Slash. After that, you can start leveling up W Blade’s Reach followed by E Shadow Step. What Lane Is Kayn? Due to the lane phase of this pick, it is commonly played in the Jungle position.

Is KAYN easy?

His mechanics are fairly easy. But understanding his early game and the capability of both forms can take a bit. Base Kayn is what enables both forms to be so strong, as they’re not accessible until like 9 minutes into the game (usually).

How do you gank as KAYN?

A good counter gank and start snowballing you. start raptors, smite red, go blue, then depending on your place on the map (red or blue team) gank bot or top. You have 3 options.

  1. Power farm your jungle and scuttles, taking drake and rift.
  2. Counter jungle and counter gank.
  3. Gank into people trading.
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Is KAYN strong early?

Mostly, carnivorous jungle champions are strong in the early game but fairly weak in the late game. However, in case of Kayn, he’s quite okay in his early game and once he transforms into Darkin, he becomes really strong in the late game.

How do I get blue KAYN?

Collecting essence When Kayn damages an enemy champion, either blue or red essence leaks out of them. When Kayn exits combat, all the essence will fly to him. The type of champion you attack determines the type of essence you will receive. You get blue essence for ranged attackers and red for melee attackers.

How do you kill red KAYN?

Kill Kayn without getting hit by him early game. Late game avoid him as melee if you don’t want him to be red. And gain objectives with jg until he gets form, once he does, if he goes red, build anti heal and don’t clump up or be near a wall. Punish him early and counter jungle.

Is red or blue KAYN better?

If they have a lot of burst then red form is ideal because they’ll never kill you. If they have high dps then you will struggle to survive as a lifesteal tank so blue is probably better.

Is KAYN fun to play?

Shadow Assassin may be able to blow up an enemy carry, but he has trouble after assassinating the backline and struggles to deal with tanks. All points considered though, I think that Kayn is an extremely fun and versatile champion. His thematic is solid, and his gameplay backs that feeling up.

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Who counters KAYN jungle?

Kayn Counter Pick

Win Rate Ban Rate
Kha ‘ZixVoidreaver 52.3% 2.18%
RengarPridestalker 51.56% 0.74%
EliseSpider Queen 51.6% 1%
GragasRabble Rouser 46.88% 0.29%


Does KAYN take skill?

The only thing that can rely take your Kayn skill cap to the next level is learning to properly engage under enemy turret and stuff to avoid turret damage.

Is KAYN a bruiser?

Kayn is an interesting champion as he has the potential to be built two ways. This build focuses on bruiser and lethality as you can pick and choose depending on which would benefit your team more.

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