Question: How To Play Hackey Sack?

What are the rules of hacky sack?

The Basic Rules of Hacky Sack (or “Circle Kicking “)

  • Keep it in the Air. If it hits the ground, start over.
  • No Hands. Everything else is fair game.
  • Pass It. When it is passed to you, you are usually allowed to kick it more than once to gain control of it again.
  • Complete the Circle.
  • No Apologizing.

What do you fill a hacky sack with?

Footbags, hacky sacks, are filled with plastic pellets, beads, cork, rubber, popcorn kernels, etc. The point is that the possibilities for filling material type are seemingly endless.

What is Hacky Sack slang for?

[ C ] a brand name for a small soft ball that is often kicked in the air in games: The two teenagers were kicking around a Hacky Sack in the school parking lot. Footbag is the cool name for keeping a hacky sack in the air. [ U ]

Can you wash a Hacky Sack?

How to wash your footbag. You simply need to wash it. The recommended way to do it is to use cold water to preserve colors, and clean the bag with regular hand soap. First, rinse your bag in the water, then apply a moderate amount of soap and start gently rolling the bag between your hands.

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Is hacky sack a good workout?

Hacky sack is a great exercise for your heart. When you’re playing you’re doing these repetitious movements right? The repetitive kicking and jumping keep your heart rate high and that aerobic rhythm is what strengthens your heart.

What is the hacky sack world record?

Not bad, champ. Now imagine kicking it 51,155 consecutive times. That’s the world record for Hacky Sack, or footbag, kicks, set by Ted Martin, 37, of Des Plaines. He did it in 7 hours, 1 minute and 37 seconds in ’93 and made the Guinness Book of World Records.

How big should a Hacky Sack be?

This is a standard size footbag measuring about 2 ¼ inches. Depending on the filler you prefer, the weight of this bag is anywhere from 30 ish -50 ish grams.

How much does a Hacky Sack cost?

Compare with other recreation balls

This Item Hacky Sack ~ Set of 3 ~ Assorted Colors ~ ~ Imported From Guatemala Set of 3 Hacky Sacks, Assorted Colors
Price $12.28 $11.99$11.99
brand Hacky Sack Turtle Island ImportsTurtle Island Imports
color Multi ColoredMulti Colored
material plasticplastic


How do you soften a Hacky Sack?

Now the best way to get them ready for play is to simply roll them vigorously between your hands to help soften the cover material and stretch the seams flat. Often within minutes, your new footbag is ready to go and will continue to break in with repeated use. Sand-filled footbags may require no break in procedures.

Is Hacky Sack still popular?

Like paintball, beezin’ and rollerblading, hacky sack is nowhere near as popular as it once was, but it was never forgotten. Dead as it may seem, hacky sack lives on as a small but active niche sport.

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Where did Hacky Sack originate from?

The sport was invented in Australia in 2007 and is played there with two annual national competitions. A game played with 4, 6, 8 or more people and the object is to keep the ‘ footbag ‘ in the air by any means necessary, excluding hands.

What is a hacky sack made of?

A hacky sack is essentially a small bag filled with either sand or small pellets. The pellets can be made from a variety of materials to plastic for novice or general hacky sacks to a complex mixture of ball bearings and tungsten for professional hacky sacks.

What does hacky mean?

hacky (Adjective) Filthy or totally dirty. hacky (Adjective) Using, or characterised by, hacks: poorly designed workarounds.

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