Question: How To Play Gengi?

How do you play Genji for beginners?

Dash once the shurikens left Genji. Quickly do a 180 degree turn and melee your target. 3 types of combos:

  1. Alternate fire, and get close as well.
  2. Once you’re close enough, immediately melee after all 3 shots have left, this allows you to repeat the process.
  3. (OPTIONAL) Dash if your enemy is low on HP.

How do you play Genji effectively?

General Tips

  1. Know your surroundings, study the maps!
  2. Swift Strike is extremely important, don’t use it without thinking.
  3. Paying attention to the cooldown of your enemies is a really high priority while playing Genji.
  4. Use Deflect cautiously and always look at the situation at hand.

Is Genji good for beginners?

Genji is by far my most played hero. He is just so fun to play and actually learning how to use him is so rewarding. Always use Genji’s alternate fire when close up to an enemy or unconfident whether or not you will hit them with his main fire.

Why am I so bad at Genji?

You’re playing him wrong most likely. Soldier/Reaper/Junk can go in swinging against large health pools. Genji requires more patience and target priority. Genji’s main strength is being able to pick his fights and easily escape from fights that aren’t to his advantage.

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How can I aim better with Genji?

Genji is one of the most forgiving heroes in the game to play. Just be in close range, double jump and spam rmb, you will win most of the time. If not, deflect and dash away. Left click accuracy seperates the really great Genjis.

What makes a good Genji?

Hey so a good genji or dps in general is defined by good positioning, good aim and good gamesence for the most time. Genji is a flank that mean he has to get in the backline of the enemie. Genji doesn’t always get into the backlines of the enemy. He only gets there for single kills or when the teamfight starts.

How do you kill Genji?

Slow him down, freeze him, then icicle his head for a finish. Easy peasy. Even if she doesn’t directly encounter him, making a Genji think twice about coming close means Mei is doing her job – area denial. Slow him down, he realizes he will lose, and then dashes away.

Who is the weakest overwatch character?

Overwatch: The 8 Strongest DPS Heroes (& The 7 Weakest)

  • 8 WORST: Junkrat.
  • 7 BEST: Tracer.
  • 6 WORST: Ashe.
  • 5 BEST: Hanzo.
  • 4 WORST: Symmetra.
  • 3 BEST: Reaper.
  • 2 WORST: Torbjorn.
  • 1 BEST: Genji.

What is the hardest character to play in overwatch?

Overwatch: 10 Hardest Heroes To Play As, Ranked

  1. 1 Zarya. Zarya is the hardest hero to play as.
  2. 2 Baptiste. Baptiste is the newest support to be added to Overwatch and the hardest.
  3. 3 Doomfist. The hardest damage hero to play in Overwatch is Doomfist.
  4. 4 Ana.
  5. 5 Genji.
  6. 6 Sombra.
  7. 7 Sigma.
  8. 8 Zenyatta.
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Is Genji still good?

Genji is fine, he’s actually doing pretty poorly in gm, but that’s cuz the meta doesn’t work well with him (Winston and zarya both counter him). He’s perfectly fine in his element tho. He’s annoying but not overbearing.

How do I get more kills with Genji?

Practice in quick play but the general idea of using Genji is to:

  1. Flank healers/squishies that you can easily kill with a shuriken -> dash -> melee combo.
  2. Stand behind tank shields and poke with shurikens until you see a kill opportunity, then use your dash to get in and secure the kill before dashing back to safety.
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