Question: How To Play Empires And Puzzles?

How do you play empires?

After the names have been read out, nominate a player to start the game. Player A asks player B if they are insert a name that has been read out. If player A guesses right, then player B joins player A’s empire. If player A is wrong, then player B gets control of the game and gets the chance to build their empire.

What are the best characters in empires and puzzles?

Best Heroes Ranking In Empires & Puzzles

  • Gravemaker. Gravemaker has such speed and tankiness that he deserves this ranking in the tier list.
  • Black Knight.
  • Finley.
  • Alice.
  • Zeline.
  • Kingston.
  • Lianna.
  • Guardian Gazelle.

How do you start over in empires and puzzles?

How do I save my progress/how can I delete my progress and start over? Players have to log into Game Center (iOS) or Google Play (android) to save their data. If a player wants to delete it completely, then delete the game from these accounts. The buildings can’t be built ‘wrong’, so there is no value to starting over.

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Are there any cheats for empires and puzzles?

The only real way to cheat is by using a Empires & Puzzles bot. 4

Is khagan good puzzles and empires?

Khagan is ok. His special is good but too slow. He doesn’t really fit as a tank because of it but he does have that mana increase so it makes him serviceable on titans.

Who is the best tank in empires and puzzles?

  • Marjana/Sartana: fast and tanky, you get nearly for sure 1 special before take them down (and annoying DoT with that)
  • Justice: she is the very tank prototype meant only to take time.
  • Richard: his attack debuff and good attack make him pretty suitable in that role.

What is the max level in empires and puzzles?

Your Player experience determines your Player Level, which in turn determines your total World Energy, increases the size of your Hero Roster, and increases your available Team Cost. Raid Energy does not increase with level and currently has a maximum of 6. Player Experience is gained via map stages and quests.

Can you train troops in empires and puzzles?

How to level up your Troops? You can use Barracks to level your Troops. You can convert any one of your buildings to Barracks once your Stronghold has been upgraded to level 10.

What does ascend mean in empires and puzzles?

Ascension is denoted by the number of golden/grey chevrons on each hero card. Each new level of ascension increases the attack, defense, and health of the hero significantly. It also levels up the hero’s Special Skill. 1* heroes ascend once. 2* and 3* heroes ascend twice.

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How do you get another builder in empires and puzzles?

Where is my Second Builder? When you purchase the VIP Pass, it allows you to finally upgrade two buildings at once. There is no additional step once the purchase is applied, just click on the building and tap upgrade. Once your current VIP Pass expires, you will lose the second builder.

Can you delete buildings in empires and puzzles?

you cannot delete a building (nor do you need to), you can only move them. you need to upgrade your Stronghold to be able to level up your buildings further.

How do you make a second team in empires and puzzles?

Click alliance tab, war tab, then “auto-fill”, then change the team to suit your desires. Re: Raid/Titan/Map? Click Heroes, click Edit team, swipe left to reach other teams, 5 teams total.

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