Question: How To Play Crossroads?

What key is Crossroads by Cream in?

Crossroads is a standard 12 bar blues song in the key of A. The lesson starts out by revising what the 12 bar blues actually is and what chords you need to play the 12 bar blues in the key of A. Afterward, you’ll learn the licks Eric Clapton plays over the chords in detail, note -for- note.

Does Ralph Macchio play the guitar?

Did Macchio actually play guitar in the movie? – The short answer is yes, in some parts. Director Walter Hill had hired guitarist Arlen Roth as a musical consultant and to teach Macchio to play, sort of.

What tuning did Robert Johnson use?

Johnson employed open G tuning (low to high, D G D G B D: see FIGURE 3) for tunes such as Crossroad Blues, Walkin’ Blues and Come on in My Kitchen. He utilized specific chord voicings designed to work with open tunings, as shown in FIGURE 4, akin to Stones in My Passway.

What guitar did Clapton play on Crossroads?

See the legendary 1964 Gibson ES-335, famously used during Clapton’s years with Cream, in action.

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