Question: How To Play Bukugan?

What are the rules of Bakugan?

Rules & Glossary

  • SETUP. Each player must have three Bakugan toys along with their appropriate Character Cards.
  • BAKUGAN BRAWL! Each player chooses a Bakugan to roll.
  • THE WINNER. Players continue selecting and rolling their Bakugan until one player has all three of their Bakugan open after winning a Brawl.

How does the Bakugan toys work?

Bakugans are to be rolled, like marbles, across a field of playing cards which carry a metallic strip inside them, causing the ball to stop rolling and spring open. Roll your Bakugan over a playing card and the magnet in the base of the toy is meant to attract with the magnet in the playing card.

What is the weakest Bakugan?

Serpenoid is one of the three Bakugan first introduced in the first video game, alongside Saurus and Juggernoid. Its base G Power is 150 Gs in the Bakugan Store, making it the weakest Bakugan playable.

What age is Bakugan for?

The Bakugan Battle Arena is a great gift for kids aged 6 and up. Product information.

Product Dimensions 13 x 13.1 x 2.6 inches
Release date January 1, 2020
Mfg Recommended age 5 – 7 years


What is the best Bakugan?

The 10 Best Bakugan Toys

  • Baku-storage Case.
  • Bakugan Dragonoid Maximus.
  • Bakugan Battle Brawlers Starter Set.
  • Bakugan Baku-Gear Pack.
  • Bakugan Deka Diamond Dragonoid Jumbo. View on Amazon ▷
  • Bakugan Battle Arena and Collectible. View on Amazon ▷
  • Bakugan Ultra Trox. View on Amazon ▷
  • Bakugan Battle Planet Gorthion. View on Amazon ▷
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How many Bakugan are there?

There are nine types of Bakugan: BakuCore, Super Assault, Special Attack (which include Special Treatment), Trap, Battle Gear, Mobile Assault, BakuNano, and Mechtogan. Bakugan are made from opaque or translucent plastic and die-cast metal. See Bakugan (game) for general rules and gameplay.

How many Bakugan do you need to play?

Before playing, each player is required to have three Bakugan toys along with their Character cards, six BakuCores, and a deck consisting of exactly 40 cards. A player’s BakuCores must match the six BakuCore indicators on their Bakugan Character cards.

What does Bakugan mean in English?

The name Bakugan comes from the Japanese words “baku,” meaning “to explode,” and “gan,” meaning “sphere.”

What is a Bakugan ball?

Bakugan toys are small characters that start out in a ball and transform into cool creatures. These figures resemble dragons, snakes and more.. There are many different Bakugan sets but all sets come with one (or more) Bakugan Ultra figures, BakuCores, one ability card, and one character card.

Who is the golden Bakugan?

So far, the four Aurelus (or golden ) Bakugan were introduced in Battle Planet; Pyravian, Tiko, Trhyno, and Goreene. As well, the five Aurelus Bakugan were introduced in Bakugan: Armored Alliance are Pharol, Auxillataur, Zellus, Etris, and Garillion.

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