Question: How To Play Azul?

Is Azul easy to learn?

Easy to learn, Azul is definitely a new game night staple. It’s fun, strategic, and you never play the same round twice. It’s a great game for the whole family. We definitely recommend picking up Azul for any game night.

How long does Azul take to play?

Azul (board game)

Designer(s) Michael Kiesling
Publisher(s) Plan B Games
Publication date 2017
Players 2–4
Playing time 30–45 minutes


Can you play Azul with 2 players?

Very Easy Level Set Up & Play Ah, my current “fast” favorite board game for two players! Azul takes NO time to learn or to set up, making it the perfect board game for an impromptu match after work on a Tuesday. You take turns choosing tiles that have been placed at random, and place them on your game board to play.

How do you win at Azul?

Azul Strategy: 5 Tactics That Win

  1. #1: Focus on Negative Points.
  2. #2: Forget About 5 of a Kind.
  3. #3: Start in the Center.
  4. #4: Play Defensive.
  5. #5: The Quick Game.

What is the easiest board game to play?

Carcassonne is an excellent beginners’ game because whilst it requires strategy to win, there are very few actions you can play to further that strategy, thereby keeping things simple. It’s also a great family board game because of how easy it is to play and get a hold of these days.

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Which Azul game is better?

Azul is overall the best game, sintra and summer pav add nice features but also make the scoring more complicated.

Who goes first Azul?

The game starts with the 1st player tile in the center, the person who most recently visited Portugal just takes the first turn in the first round, they do not take the tile at the start of the game. We interpreted the rule as B. It goes in the middle and is taken by the first person to choose from there.

How many people play Azul?

At its core, Azul is simple: Two to four players sit around a number of “bins” in the center of the table, which all contain tiles.

Can you play Blokus with 2 players?

Blokus (/ˈblɒkəs/ BLOK-əs) is an abstract strategy board game for two to four players, where players try to score points by occupying most of the board with pieces of their colour.

Can you get negative points in Azul?

That player takes the first player marker for next round, but they also place the tile in the leftmost free space of the floor line. Thus, they will get a negative point (or more if the -1 spaces are already filled up) but get to go first next round.

How do you play Azul solo?

Game Play

  1. Take and place all like tile(s) from the 1 factory display onto the action board.
  2. Take and place all like tile(s) from the 1 factory display onto the player board.
  3. Move remaining tile(s) from the factory display to the floor line on the player board possibly requiring a placement to the action board penalty row.
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Is Azul a good game?

Azul is a fantastic family board game! It’s hard for an abstract strategy game to make its way in this world. The masses clamor for board games dripping with theme. Like with movies and books, players are drawn to games that help them escape into a new realm.

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