Question: Dead Of Winter How To Play?

How long does dead of winter take?

Dead of Winter: A Cross Roads Game

Designer(s) Jon Gilmour and Isaac Vega
Players 2 to 5
Setup time approx. 5 minutes
Playing time 60 to 120 minutes
Age range 12 years and up


How many action dice are there in dead of winter?

Then each player receives 1 action die, plus 1 additional action die for each survivor she controls (so players will start the game with 3 action dice ).

Can you play dead of winter with 2 players?

Dead of Winter is an ok game at 2 players. For 2 player the rules are a pure co-op (obviously) and using the “hardcore” version of the main objective – just a harder version of the “regular” version. When you are playing with 2 players you miss out on most of the mechanics that make DoW unique.

Can you play dead of winter with 6 players?

It is possible. I’d recommend limiting the maximum amount of survivors for each player though as playing with 6 players tends to make the game longer. Also, depending on the scenario and crisis cards you ‘ll get, the game can become harder or even impossible as it’s easier to run out of certain cards.

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What does dead last mean?

Adjective. dead last (not comparable) (idiomatic) Finishing in last place in a competition or ranking, often by a considerable margin to the next-to- last -place finisher or after an exceptionally poor showing or season.

How do barricades work in dead of winter?

When at the end of a round, you spawn new zombies, they always start on space 1 and move around the board. So if you have 3 barricades placed on space 1, you destroy that barricade and do not place a zombie. You do not only go for the open spaces.

Can you remove starvation tokens in dead of winter?

2 Answers. There is no way to get rid of starvation tokens but they only cause a loss of morale when there is not enough to food to eat for that round. You keep the starvation tokens in the food supply for the rest of the game, however, they only cause you to lose morale when you don’t have enough food that round.

How many items can you equip in dead of winter?

1 Answer. There are no limits to the number of weapons that a survivor can equip and the effects stack. This has been confirmed in the Dead of Winter Rules forum on BoardGameGeek by Jon Gilmour, one of the designers of Dead of Winter.

How do noise tokens work in dead of winter?

Each noise token has a chance of attracting more zombies to that location. At the end of the round when zombies are coming out you will roll a die for each noise token and put an extra zombie at the location for each failed roll.

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Do you have to play outsider cards in dead of winter?

1 Answer. You decide when (or if) to play any card from the item deck, including Event cards that add survivors. Players may play item cards (including event cards ) on their turn, but they are not required to do so.

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