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FAQ: How To Play Munchkins?

What are the rules for Munchkin? General Rules You can only reach level 10 by killing a monster. You can never have a lower level than 1. At any time you can: Discard a class or race, play a “Go Up a Level” card, Hireling or curse. If you are not in combat, you are…

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FAQ: How To Play Ashe League Of Legends?

Is Ashe good for beginners? While Ashe is an “easy” champion, I definitely don’t recommend her to new players despite her being specifically put out for beginners. I recommend a toplaner like Riven (despite her having a very high skill ceiling, her kit is enjoyable to even new players! What should I build on Ashe?…

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Quick Answer: How To Play Hots?

Is hots easier than LoL? Here’s why HOTS is easier than LoL: Fewer characters to choose from. No items, which means fewer decisions to make about building your character. You could play 2 HOTS games in the same time as 1 LoL game, which allows you to learn about HOTS even faster. How do you…

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