Often asked: How To Play Zoe?

Is Zoe a good mid Laner?

She can be picked in quite a few mid lane champions without much issue, and provides great damage provided the enemy team isn’t made up of tanks. Player-wise: She can be a bit hard to pick up for a first timer, but practice makes perfect.

Is Zoe Good Season 11?

With season 11 being focused around the Dragon Soul, Zoe has been present a lot in the meta. She is great at controlling objectives and securing dragons, and she also benefits hugely from every elemental buff.

Can you support Zoe?

Yes. Her kit can make for good supporting. Then again, you can support with most any champion if you set your mind to it. Zoe’s E allows her to put a target to sleep and her W allows her to use twice the number of summoner spells (think heal and exhaust).

Is Zoe a good champion?

Zoe Build 11.9 ranks as an D-Tier pick for the Mid Lane role in Season 11. This champion currently has a Win Rate of 47.43% (Bad), Pick Rate of 3.19% (High), and a Ban Rate of 0.83% (Low).

What is Zoe LOL?

As the embodiment of mischief, imagination, and change, Zoe acts as the cosmic messenger of Targon, heralding major events that reshape worlds. Her mere presence warps the arcane mathematics governing realities, sometimes causing cataclysms without See More.

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Does Zoe counter Katarina?

This counter pairing is somewhat common. Zoe is forced to battle against Katarina in 52.3% of her games. Unfortunitally, Zoe does a dismal job of beating Katarina. On average, she wins a lowly 47.0% of matches the champions oppose one another in.

Is Zoe hard lol?

She’s hard and mastering her will reward you with a champion that is average at best. You’re better off learning some easier champions first, and might even want to consider using one of your three refunds if you’ve got any left. That’s rubbish. Zoe Is fine right now.

Is Zoe difficult to play?

If they don’t, Zoe is insanely hard to play in soloqueue because you don’t have a solid team to set you up like in competitive. She literally got only 1 damaging skill without a frontline and no actual mobility (her R is more of a self-root and relying on W to escape isn’t very consistent).

Is Lich Bane good on Zoe?

Lich bane is very strong on Zoe – however, I’m guessing the reason it gets built less is that, as people learn to counterplay her (knowing her range, cooldowns, etc.), Zoe is in “more danger” when she aa’s. She’s got a pretty nice aa range, but puts herself in harm’s way.

Can Zoe ADC?

Yes build Zoe AD as well. I’ve played ADC Zoe before (mastery 7 bby) and it’s viable.

Is Lissandra support viable?

no it is not, and you can arhieve everything Support Lissandra does with other champs with less effort.

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