Often asked: How To Play World Conqueror 3?

How do you get generals in World Conqueror 3?

There are 3 special generals that can only be bought via the in-game store. They are Manstein (Germany), Zhukov (Soviet Union) and Eisenhower (USA). Commanders can only buff certain units. This can be view alongside with the commander’s stats by tapping on the blue “i” icon.

How do you level up in World Conqueror 4?

When playing Conquests there is a bar at the top that represents your current technological level, overtime, if you build and upgrade Institutes, the bar will fill up and your technological level will increase and will unlock additional buildings or upgrades for your Cities and Strongholds.

How do you unlock 1943 World Conqueror 4?

1943 is the second conquest available. It is unlocked after beating all the Second World War: European Theatre Scenarios.

How do you unlock wonders in world conqueror 3?

A wonder will unlock under some circumstances and then need to be rebuilt. After that the wonder is finished rebuilding, it will provide it’s benefit permanently. Completing 1943 Conquest in 65 turns or less as an Allied country. Completing Conquer World 1939 in 80 turns or less as an Axis country.

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Which commander is known as the conqueror of chaos ROK?

Cao Cao, courtesy name Mengde, was a Chinese warlord and the penultimate Chancellor of the Eastern Han dynasty.

How do you unlock landmarks in world conqueror 4?

You can unlock it by finishing Battle in domination mode. In each battle gives a small amount of medals from 20-200 depends on different level. By far I got around 1000 medals from it already.

What is legion in world conqueror 4?

In Legion the player can hire troops to fight in Domination. The troops’ types depends on the Headquarters level. The more advanced the player’s troops are, the easier the fight will be.

How do you get medals in wc4?

Farm through campaigns, conquest or do missions (I’m very active)? Thanks! Campaigns are the fastest way to get medals, but you can get medal wonders in conquests and mission, which make acquiring medals much more faster especially if you are autofarming.

How do you unlock ww2 in world conqueror 4?

To unlock the pacific campaign you have to complete every mission for allies and axis. And for tips to complete operation overlord watch this YouTuber called Bruchminati he has some pretty good walkthroughs on the missions.

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