Often asked: How To Play Vladimir?

Is Vladimir hard to play?

easy to learn hard to master as mentioned. he is kind of a champ that people either play him godly or poor. if you start learning now u will be ahead of the 8ball for when he is buffed:D.

Is Vladimir good lol?

Regardless, Vladimir is a powerful champion with distinct strengths. He can fit into nearly any team composition and has a legacy of being a reliable late-game carry. He’s playable in the top and mid lanes, but also in the bottom lane for those more adventurous. As a result, Vladimir can appeal to everyone in some way.

Is Vladimir better mid or top?

Vladimir is in fact better top lane than he is in mid lane. A little known fact about the kind sir, lord Vladimir, is that he in face has a range advantage over most matchups in the top lane. Bearing this in mind, is is clearly apparent that top lane is the most suited for our bloody lord Vlad.

Is Vladimir good in high ELO?

Final verdict: He is perfectly fine to OTP and reach high Elo, however one tricking other champ could prove to be more beneficial and climb faster.

Is Vladimir good in low Elo?

He’s definitely strong for low elo, as most players don’t know how to close games, thus, games go all the way to late game, where Vladimir is strongest. and he scales hard into late game, which most low elo games go into. but he struggles against champs that have a gap closer like riven, wukong, irelia.

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