Often asked: How To Play Triominos?

How many Triominos do you start with?

The starting player receives the total of the three numbers on the Tri-Omino plus a 10 point bonus. If three 0s start, there is a 30 point bonus, plus the normal 10 point bonus.

How many pieces are in a Triominos game?

Tri-Ominos. The classic Triangular domino game. Score points by matching numbers on the three sided playing pieces. 56 plastic playing pieces.

What does a bridge look like in Triominos?

If a player matches a Tri-Omino and forms a bridge, add the sum of the three numbers plus a 40 point bonus to his score. A bridge is formed by matching one side of a Tri-Omino and the point opposite.

When was Triominos invented?

It was invented in Romania in the 1940s by Ephraim Hertzano after card playing was outlawed under the Communist regime.

Can two people play Triominos?

Be the first player to score 400 points. Place all Tri-Ominos face down and mix them up. Playing with two players? Each player will take 9 Tri-Omino tiles and place them in their tray or “hand”.

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