Often asked: How To Play Tracer?

How do you play good tracer?

Stay safe until you see an opportunity to go in. Use terrain to hide from the enemy shots. Tracer is a really fast character, so peeking in and out of cover can be easily done. Try to use walls and stairs to gain a bit more advantage over your enemy and do some extra damage.

Is tracer a good main?

Tracer is a solid pick but not an end all. If you want to main DPS then you should learn a good few of them and not just hit scan. Sure, there are good counters to other DPS etc. But if you insist on maining Tracer then you need to practice her a lot.

How much damage does 1 clip Tracer do?

Tracer ‘s guns are essentially a pair of automatic submachine guns. You have 40 ammunition which quickly depletes, emptying your clip in exactly one second and reloading for another second. Each bullet does up to 6 damage and can crit for up to 12 damage on a headshot.

Does tracer take skill?

Tracer was super strong during dive because she was not the only one hanging around the backline. Without the support of other dive heroes, she get burst down easily and become f-tier like we seen her now (pre-buff). Lol no. She takes skill, but her requirements are actually much more lenient than Widow’s.

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How do you deal with a tracer?

Remember that Tracer spends almost as much time reloading as she does shooting. Use DM to absorb a good amount of her clip and shoot at her while she’s reloading. Remember that you are also hitscan, but aim for her chest as going just for headshots will cause most of your spread to miss.

What is good tracer accuracy?

A good Tracer accuracy should be around 38%.

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