Often asked: How To Play Speedball?

What are the rules for speedball?

Players may use their arms/hands as long as the last thing the ball touches is not the ground; one may not pick up the ball from the ground. You can pick the ball up if it bounces off the ground in middle school but in adult speedball you can not pick the ball up if it bounces off the ground.

How long can you hold the ball in speedball?

Players may hold the ball for up to 5 seconds before they either shoot, pass, or drop the ball to their feet to play it. On all re-starts the defending players must be at least 3 yards (9 feet) away until the first touch of the ball. A player can “air dribble” the ball five times while running.

What skills are used in the game of speedball?

A wide variety of techniques are employed in speedball, including kicking and dribbling the ball with the feet as in soccer, catching and throwing the ball as in basketball, and punting and passing the ball as in football.

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How many steps can a player take with the ball in speedball?

When the ball is in the air (aerial ball) basketball rules apply. When forward passing the ball or scoring points, football rules generally apply. Players may not run with the ball, but are able to take 3 steps when advancing the ball.

What are three Speedball violations?

Fouls. Fouls in speedball include pushing, tripping, traveling, handling a ground ball with the hands, charging, blocking, unnecessary roughness, drop-kicking in an attempt to make a goal or making a forward pass in an attempt to make a touchdown while inside the 5-yard penalty area.

What equipment is needed for speedball?

w It is played on a soccer field with eleven players but can be easily modified and played indoors with fewer players. – No special equipment is needed to play speedball.

Can you pass the ball to yourself in speedball?

Ball may be kicked or lifted to self. 3. Other players must by 5-yards away.

What is a drop kick in speedball?

3. DROP KICK: Drop kicking the ball over the goal crossbar from outside the end zone / penalty area is worth 1 point. 4. PENALTY KICK: Kicking the ball into the goal from the penalty kick mark is worth.

How much is a layup worth in speedball?

How does scoring work in speedball? A soccer goal is worth 3 points, a basketball shot is worth 2 points, and a touchdown is worth 1 point.

What sport is like soccer but with hands?

Gaelic football

Venue Gaelic games field
Olympic 1904 (demonstration sport)
Paralympic No
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What three sports make up speedball?


  • Speedball combines the three sports of soccer, handball / basketball, and football.
  • Speedball is played by 2 teams of 11 players on a field 100 x 60 yards.
  • The game begins with a jump ball from the center of the court (like in basketball )
  • Once the ball is in play, the following rules apply:
  • Scoring.
  • Definition of Terms.

When was Speedball invented?

The game of Speedball was invented in 1921 at the University of Michigan. Elmer D.

What is the difference between handball and speedball?

As nouns the difference between handball and speedball is that handball is (uncountable) a team sport where two teams of seven players each (six players and a goalkeeper) pass and bounce a ball trying to throw it in the goal of the opposing team while speedball is (slang|countable) a mix of heroin and cocaine.

How do you get open to receive a pass in speedball?

A player with the ball may pivot as in basketball if one foot is stabilized. This sometimes helps in finding a teammate open to receive a pass. Only one overhead dribble is allowed. The overhead dribble is made by tossing the ball into the air and running to catch it before it strikes the ground.

What is a conversion in speedball?

A conversion is when a person transfers the ball from the ground to their hands. A successful conversion must go directly from a person’s feet to their hands, without touching the ground or another body part.

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