Often asked: How To Play Saryn Prime?

How do you play saryn Prime Reddit?

how to saryn 101:

  1. Locate an enemy.
  2. Press 1 while looking at enemy.
  3. Press 3, kill enemy.
  4. Did the enemy die? Rinse and repeat.
  5. Did the enemy not die? Press 4.
  6. Are you about to die and own regenerative molt? Press 2.

Is saryn prime good?

To answer the op question, Saryn is a good frame. But she is only good at killing and since all frames can kill, not that impressive. Like light said all frames can be good it’s just down to play style. The frames you see among top tiers are frames good only for farming missions.

Does duration matter on saryn?

Duration no longer affects Saryn spores. Once they are on a target, they stay there until he dies or enters a nullifier. You still want some duration so toxic lash isnt a 10 second buff.

Where can I farm saryn?

To get Saryn, you will need to farm her component blueprints from Kela De Thaym. You can find this boss fight on the Merrow node on Sedna. The Kela De Thaym fight takes place in a special arena and is split into numerous sections.

How do you pronounce saryn?

Saryn – It is pronounced like Karen, Darrin, or Aaron.

How does saryn work Warframe?

Saryn can cast her spores on an enemy, or her own Molt. So power range affects the range the spores spread, strength affects how much damage they do per tick, duration makes them do more ticks and gas damage spreads them around and adds the toxin part to their damage.

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