Often asked: How To Play Pony Town?

How do you play pony town on your phone?

Step 1: Open the app and type in pony. town, then search it/click it. Step 2: Click on the three dots at the top right of your screen. Step 3: Click add to home screen!

How do you think in pony town?


  1. /help, /h or /? – list all available commands.
  2. /roll, /rand or /random – roll a random number between 1 and 100.
  3. /say or /s – say in public chat (can be used to switch from party chat)
  4. /party or /p – say in party chat.
  5. / think or /t – say in thinking bubble.

Is Pony town kid friendly?

PonyTown is an online pony game. ONLINE. There can be young kids playing, teens, or even adults. Be careful.

How do you get the mini pony in pony town?

Mini ponies, or Plushies are accessories added during a Christmas update, where the players had to collect 100 presents to unlock them. They’re currently available for everyone. Their colors are able to be customized like the player’s pony.

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What is pony town about?

Pony Town is a browser MMO chatroom game where one can create and customize their own character using options based on the designs of the characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and socialize with other players in a large map full of trees, rocks, fences, clovers, grass and fruits.

Is Pony town safe?

Seems there will be at least two servers, one one rated R and the other PG. The description as found on Google: Pony Town ( safe ) https:// safe. pony. town / This is safe server, please respect others, avoid swearing and adult topics.

How do you cry on pony town?


  1. Sit: Press X or type /sit.
  2. Lie: Press X twice, type /lie or /lay.
  3. Sit up/Stand up: Press C.
  4. Long Lasting Emotion: Put /e in front of any emotion.
  5. Cry: / Cry on it’s own or with any emotion will make your pony cry.

How do you pick up items in pony town?

These are objects that can be picked up in the game by clicking on them, or pressing E. To drop them, you will have to type /drop or /droptoy.

How do you sit in pony town?


  1. movement use touch and drag to move.
  2. boop use two finger tap or “Boop” action.
  3. interact or use item – “Use item / Interact” action.
  4. land or sit down or lie down – ” Sit down / Land” action.
  5. sit up or stand up or fly up – “Stand up / Fly up” action.
  6. turn head – “Turn head” action.
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Where do you find toys in pony town?

How to obtain. The toys can be found when collecting gifts. They can be swapped with any of the ones you’ve already collected at a Toy Stash. You can check how many unique toys you have collected by typing / toys in the chat.

How do you save your house in Pony town?

Pony Town on Twitter: “you can save your house using /savehouse command, and load it back with /loadhouse… ”

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