Often asked: How To Play Music On Twitch Obs?

Can you play licensed music on twitch?

Music You ‘re Allowed to Use in Twitch Streams Quite simply, you can use any music you own or have a license to use during your Twitch streams. Having a license to play music for your own enjoyment (for example, a Spotify account) doesn’t mean you have a license to broadcast that music on your stream.

How do you add music to your OBS scene?

How to Add Music to Your Streams and Overlay in Streamlabs OBS

  1. In Streamlabs OBS, click the addition symbol in the top right corner of the Sources box.
  2. The first thing you’re going to do is select Media Source under the Standard section.
  3. Click the green Add Source button.
  4. Name your source.
  5. Click the green Add New Source button.
  6. Upload the audio file you want to use.

How do you play music on twitch?

Add Twitch Soundtrack Source Within Streamlabs OBS, click on the plus sign to add a new source. You should now see the Twitch Soundtrack source available to add to your scene. After you add the source, you will see a separate Soundtrack source appear in the audio mixer. And that’s it.

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Can I play music on twitch if I’m not making money?

To play copyrighted music on your stream, without consent of the artist or their recording company, is illegal.

What license do I need to play music on twitch?

Video streams require a synchronization license. If lyrics or music notes are displayed, a print license is also required.

How do I get Spotify to play on twitch?

The broad answer to this question is no, you cannot use Spotify music on Twitch. Spotify music is only licensed for personal use and streaming it out to a community not only breaks the law, it breaks their terms and conditions.

What music is safe to play on twitch?

While Twitch may be starting to crack down on copyright use, you can still protect yourself. Using DMCA- safe music like Pretzel, NCS, and StreamBeats is the safest way to use music on stream.

What artists can I play on twitch?

Twitch says this lineup will give creators access to a range of music, including artists like Above & Beyond, mxmtoon, Porter Robinson, RAC, SwuM, and others. In total, over a million tracks will be available for free use by creators.

Can you get copyrighted on Twitch for singing?

We ask that creators only share content for which they have the necessary rights. It is a violation of our policies to stream or upload content containing copyrighted music unless you have the appropriate rights or authority to share such music on Twitch.

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