Often asked: How To Play Mccree Overwatch?

Is McCree hard to play?

McCree is an easy to learn, but hard to master hero in Overwatch. The basics are simple, but make sure your practice your aim a lot against bots in Training Mode. Consistent, solid aim is really important if you plan to be a successful McCree player.

Is McCree good in overwatch?

McCree is great for protecting/peeling for back line due to his flashbang. He may be a better pick if there is a formidable doomfist/genji/tracer on the other team. Mccree is a decent pick now in comp as dive isn’t meta for now. He can do many things such as protect back lines, flash enemy reins etc.

What is a good McCree accuracy?

Depends who you’re fighting a lot. If you’re having to deal with Hammond a lot, 60% would be good. But the best accuracy is the one you win matches with. Depends a lot on what you’re shooting at mostly.

How do you hit shots in McCree?

just click heads over and over. after a while try consciously flicking from 90 and 180 degrees both sides. aim style of mccree is pretty different from S76 and tracer, it will take time to hit your groove. as another poster said, try to make every shot count.

Is McCree white?

The hero’s tan has been removed, removing any ambiguity and seemingly confirming that McCree is fully white. Some Overwatch players love the design, though, as those that always viewed McCree as Caucasian are indifferent to the tan’s possible removal.

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How old is D va?

Real Name Hana Song (송하나)
Age 19
Nationality Korean
Occupation Professional gamer (formerly) Mech Pilot Actress


Is McCree good or evil?

He was an outlaw until Gabriel Reyes (now Reaper) found him and recruited him to Blackwatch (the covert ops part of Overwatch). So he’s technically good now.

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