Often asked: How To Play Malphite?

Is Malphite mid good?

Malphite Mid is a fun, mechanically simple, hard-snowballing champion. He is a good cheese pick against generally squishy team compositions.

Does Malphite get bigger?

Innate- Shard of the Monolith: Malphite gains increased percentage size equal to 8% of his total armor, capped at 35% increased size at 437.

Is Malphite support good?

Pretty darn good in Jungle. He three forms of damage mitigation for clear, and two forms of AOE. Because a ton of his clear AND damage mitigation is on one ability (E), he isn’t hurt in the mana department unless he tries to clear an entire quarter of the map.

Is Malphite a tank?

A long(ish) while ago, Malphite was considered one of the best tanks in the game. His E scales off of armor, and used to be much more deadly than it is now, which meant that he would stack armor and do ridiculous AOE damage. However, he’s still decent, the reason being his W, which increases AD and armor by a % amount.

Is Malphite an assassin?

He is an assassin. Like all assassins, Malphite has an EXTREMELY high skill cap that involves complex skills like pressing R. Max Q as fast as possible, with a complete max at level 8.

Who counters Malphite mid?

Malphite Counter Pick

Win Rate Ban Rate
AatroxDarkin Blade 47.56% 0.58%
PoppyKeeper of the Hammer 49.9% 0.34%
TalonBlade’s Shadow 50.7% 0.55%
IreliaWill of the Blades 47.26% 1.05%
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Is Malphite a rock?

Malphite is definitely a sedimentary rock champion: He has layers.

Can you stop Malphite ULT?

The malphite ult is “unstoppable” just like the sion ult and cannot be interrupted with any abilities.

How do you counter Malphite?

Counter Information Try to avoid bunching up with other team members in order to reduce the impact of Malphite’s ultimate. Malphite’s abilities encourage him to build armour, so AP and true damage attacks are typically favoured. When harassing Malphite, try to poke frequently to prevent his passive (shield) recharging.

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