Often asked: How To Play Kryptonite On Guitar?

What are the chords to Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down?

Bm G I took a walk around the world to A ease my troubled mind, Bm G I left my body lyin somewhere in the A sands of time. Bm I watched the world float to the G A dark side of the moon, Bm G A I feel there’s nothin I can do, Bm G A yeah. (verse 2) Bm G I watched the world foat to the dark A side of the moon.

What key is Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down in?

Kryptonite is written in the key of B Minor.

What does kryptonite mean?

: a substance that causes the comic-book character Superman to become weak when he is exposed to it. Note: In Superman stories, kryptonite in its most familiar form is a green mineral that originated as part of Superman’s home planet of Krypton and that falls to Earth as a meteorite.

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