Often asked: How To Play Illoai?

How do you do the Illaoi combo?

Illaoi’s Combo Immediate hit “W” and continue to spam that ability until everyone is dead or has run out of the circle.

How do you play against Illaoi?

Try to kill of all tentacles and dodge this ability with any movement/dash ability. After you have dodges this ability Illaoi is easily punished. Do not try to fight Illaoi if she hits her E and has surrounding tentacles. R: Illaoi slams into the ground and spawns’ tentacles per enemy champion near her.

What is Illaoi role?

Prophet of an Elder God. Illaoi and the Vessels she creates spawn Tentacles on nearby impassible terrain. Tentacles swing at spirits, Vessels, and victims of Illaoi’s Harsh lesson. Tentacles deal physical damage to enemies hit, and will heal Illaoi if they damage a champion.

How do I place Illaoi tentacles?

put them in the corners of a wall, and afterwards put tentacles with the minimum range around it so that if someones kills that tentacle you can respawn it in the same position. Defensive or offensive depending on matchup. Defensive is spreading them near your tower and trying to keep the wave there.

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Can you die to Illaoi E?

In the early game, and even mid game, Illaoi lacks the damage to kill the spirit and therefore does very little damage to you through it. If the E is out of range of a tentacle then she won’t kill it, just give her enough space that she can ‘t damage both of you simultaneously.

How does Illaoi heal?

She heals 5% of her missing health if a tentacle hits at least one champion. Each tentacle will heal if they hit a champion but hitting two or more champions with a single tentacle doesn’t increase the heal. No need to be sassy about it lad.

Who can beat Illaoi?

Illaoi Counter Pick

Win Rate Play Rate
Garen Might of Demacia 51.93% 4.23%
JayceDefender of Tomorrow 47.7% 1.84%
Irelia Will of the Blades 47.26% 3.19%
AkaliFist of Shadow 48.25% 4.71%


Is Illaoi good lol?

Illaoi is a fairly complex champion to learn, but the effort you put into her is well worth it, because when it comes to laning phase, she is definitely one of the strongest top laners in the game.

How do you gank Illaoi?

When ganking Illaoi, just bait her ult somehow, jump out of her ult but stay close to finish her off when ult ends.

  1. Try to gank before level 6.
  2. Multiman ganks.
  3. Try to bait out the ult and then go in. I like to walk up to her and immediately run back to bait out the ult during a gank.

Is Illaoi black?

Star Guardians Never Die — Karma and Illaoi are black woman!

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How hard is Illaoi?

Illaoi isn’t necessarily a hard champion to play, but she can be difficult to master. Overall, she’s a champion that excels in the mid game due to her snowbally damage and 1v5 potential.

Can Fiora Parry Illaoi E?

TIL Fiora can parry Illaoi’s DEBUFF from E: Illaoi.

Is Illaoi broken?

In gold and silver, Illaoi is broken, yes.

How old is Illaoi?

Illaoi and Swain being around 41-50 (Swain looks to be around his mid to late 50’s, and Illaoi around early to mid 30’s), Tryndamere being younger than or slightly older than 30, etc. Name.

Name Age in years
Camille 80
Swain, Gangplank, Master Yi, Illaoi, Kassadin, Malzahar, Gragas, Udyr, Urgot, Xin Zhao 41 – 50


How do you pronounce Illaoi?


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