Often asked: How To Play Hey Joe?

What tuning is Hey Joe in?

The song is in E minor, tuned half step down (so Eb minor).

Is Hey Joe in standard tuning?

Hey joe is most definitely standard tuning.

Who is Hey Joe written about?

“Hey Joe” was written by a singer named Billy Roberts, who was part of the Greenwich Village folk scene in the early ’60s. The song is structured as a conversation between two men, with “Joe” explaining to the other that he caught his woman cheating and plans to kill her.

Did Jimi Hendrix write Hey Joe?

In October 1966, Jimi Hendrix recorded ” Hey Joe ” for his first single with the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Tim Rose and Jimi Hendrix (1966)

” Hey Joe “
Label Polydor
Songwriter(s) Billy Roberts
Producer(s) Chas Chandler
The Jimi Hendrix Experience singles chronology


What songs did Jimi Hendrix write?

Original songs

Title Written by Original date
Foxy Lady Jimi Hendrix May 12, 1967
Freedom Jimi Hendrix March 1971
Gypsy Eyes Jimi Hendrix September 16, 1968
Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland) Jimi Hendrix September 16, 1968


Are You Experienced Jimi Hendrix vinyl?

Limited 180gm vinyl LP edition remastered from the original 2-track mixdown master tapes and housed in a gatefold sleeve. The debut release from The Jimi Hendrix Experience is widely regarded as the greatest, most influential debut release from any artist.

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Who did the original version of Hey Joe?

It was a gig staple for both Love and The Byrds, with the latter’s David Crosby a major fan of its abrasive charms. The Surfaris, of surf-rock classic “Wipe Out” fame, also played it but the first recorded version was by minor Californian rockers The Leaves, who had a top 40 US hit with it in 1965.

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