Often asked: How To Play Handlock?

What is Handlock?

Handlock (also known as Hand Lock or previously Control Warlock, before the other control warlock decks existed) is a type of warlock control deck that commonly has a high number of cards in the hand, thus earning the name Handlock.

How do you make a classic deck in Hearthstone?

Edit: Easier way is to go make a deck like normal. When selecting your hero in the top hit the classic /standard/wild button to change between the three. Go to play a classic game and it will say you have no classic decks. There is then a button that takes you to your collection, make the classic deck once in there.

Did LS invent Handlock?

LS on Twitter: “Inventor of handlock, former highest arena winrate throughout 2013, blast from the past stream of hearthstone:D.

How do I use Hearthstone deck codes?

Deck codes

  1. Open the game on any device.
  2. Go to My Collections.
  3. Select one of your decks.
  4. Find and click the Copy button in the interface. Doing so will copy the code to your clipboard.
  5. Paste that value in the URL to retrieve it from the API.

What are the best Hearthstone decks?

Top Standard Meta Decks

  • Secret Paladin.
  • Rush Warrior.
  • Face Hunter.
  • Libram Paladin.
  • Aggro /Midrange Paladin.
  • Spell Mage.
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How many cards are in classic Hearthstone?

Classic (formerly known as Expert) is the largest card set in Hearthstone, with 240 collectible cards.

How do I import a deck in Hearthstone IOS?

Import Decks from Hearthstone to Hearthstone Top Decks Open up your deck in Hearthstone, click on the name plate at the top of your deck, and hit copy. Then head to our Hearthstone Deck Builder and paste the text into the import deck area!

How do you use deck Codes in Legends of Runeterra?

With a deck code in hand, just do the following.

  1. Go to your Collection tab.
  2. Click the Import Deck button near the top left to open a small window.
  3. Copy and paste the code in the text field of the small window.
  4. Click the Import Deck button in the small window.
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