Often asked: How To Play Endless Legend?

How long does a game of endless legend take?

All Styles

Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 32 14h 44m
Main + Extras 15 27h 43m
Completionists 1 80h
All PlayStyles 48 20h 09m

How do you colonize in endless legend?

Colonization | The Basics Endless Legend Guide

  1. Before you colonize a region, find out about its resources.
  2. Make sure that each new city has sufficiently high industrial production and food production.
  3. While founding a city, consider its vicinities and plan on how you are going to expand it.
  4. Do not haste to colonize.

Is endless legend like civilization?

From the team who brought you Endless Space, Endless Legend is a fantasy style, Civ – like 4x game set in the Endless Space universe, but on one particular planet, fairly early in the universes’ life cycle. The basic story set on the planet Auriga is dying, and it’s up to you and your chosen faction to deal with it.

How do you use stockpiles in endless legend?

Click on the stockpile in the Empire management screen. If it is an Industry or a Food stock, you should choose a city you control, that city’s Industry or Food will be boosted for one turn. If it is a Science stock, when after accepting the confirmation, its effect will be applied on the entire faction for a turn.

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How do you play ardent mages?

Hints for those who play as Ardent Mages:

  1. Use the pillars. At the beginning of the game, you can use two pillars.
  2. Use spells. Bundled together with column, comes a spell.
  3. Focus on research.
  4. Develop cities with care.
  5. Flexible armies.
  6. Win with magic.
  7. Perform quests.
  8. the second era.

Does endless legend have hotseat?

Civilization V multiplayer has a ” Hot Seat ” mode which is basically just so two or more people can play a multiplayer game with only one computer. I’m going on a trip with a friend soon and we’ll only have one computer with Endless Legend.

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