Often asked: How To Play Bocce?

What are the rules of bocce?


  • The initial pallino thrower always throws the first bocce ball.
  • Except for hitting, all bocce balls are thrown from behind the pointing foul line.
  • Each succeeding ball is thrown by the team that does NOT have the ball closest to the pallino.
  • Hitting or spocking is permitted.

What is the object of the game bocce ball?

Game Objective: The object is to throw your bocce balls closer to the Pallino or Jack, than your opponent. The first team to reach 12 points wins the game (must win by 2).

How do you win bocce ball?

Only balls which are distinguishably closer to the pallina than any of the opponent’s balls are awarded points. All measurements should be made from the center of the pallina to the edge of a Bocce ball. Games are played to 16 points with the first team reaching 16 points being the winner of a game.

What is Spocking in Bocce?

Spocking: A toss which is targeted at the pallino or the other team’s bocce ball. A spocking toss must be thrown with sufficient. velocity that it would strike the back wall if it missed the target.

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Who throws first in Bocce?

Generally, everyone agrees on where it is fair to stand. The team that threw the pallino throws the first bocce. Teams and players alternate throws until all eight balls have been thrown. Players try to make their team’s bocce be the closest to the pallino.

What happens if you hit the white ball in bocce?

If a bocce is touching the pallino, it counts as two points (called a “kiss”). Ties: If a score is tied when the time is up for the match, a sudden death playoff will occur. Play will continue FOR ONE BALL ONLY from each team. Closest ball to the pallino wins the match.

Can you throw overhand in Bocce?

Overhand and underhand throwing are both permitted in open bocce. It’s OK – encouraged, even – to “spock” an opponent’s ball, or intentionally knock it out of play. If two balls are measured to be of equal distance from the pallino, no points are awarded to either team (they cancel out).

How do you pronounce bocce in Italian?

Bocce at Backesto Park Bah-chee, in Italian, is spelled baci, which means kiss. The correct pronunciation is more like buh-chee. It has an “uh” sound, as in “bug.” If an Italian hears you saying bocce balls, and you’re pronouncing it bah-chee, that Italian might think you’re saying something else altogether.

What is the meaning of bocce?

Noun. 1. bocci – Italian bowling played on a long narrow dirt court. bocce, boccie. bowling – a game in which balls are rolled at an object or group of objects with the aim of knocking them over or moving them.

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Who throws the pallino each round?

The team that scored points in the previous round throws the Pallino to start the new round. How does your team win? The game is considered “over” when one team’s score has reached the total agreed upon at the start of the game.

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