Often asked: Fortnite How To Play Stretched?

Can you play stretched Res on fortnite anymore?

Today, Epic announced that stretched resolutions will no longer be allowed in Fortnite’s competitive Arena mode or in-game tournaments. But, in the process, Fortnite does increase players’ vertical field-of-view (FOV), which is especially advantageous during the game’s frantic, onward-and-upward build battles.

Why is stretched Res banned?

Only reason is because Epic Games is incompetent with providing a spectator system for the tournaments. They don’t want to stream both stretched and native resolutions as it is inconsistent and viewers don’t like it. It is not because it gives a competitive advantage as it lowers field of view.

Is stretched Res good?

Another popular benefit for playing on stretched resolution is the increased frames-per-second (FPS), especially for those without high-end computers. For players that consistently struggle with FPS drops, stretched resolution could be a decent option for improving their gameplay experience.

Is stretched allowed in Valorant?

If you are wondering how to get 4:3 aspect ratio ( Stretched and Black Bars) in Valorant, it is possible. They prohibit it and have told players that 16:9 is how you should play the game. If you want a stretched view anyway, here is a look at how to get 4:3 aspect ratio ( Stretched and Black Bars) in Valorant.

Why is stretched Res better?

If you feel better playing on a stretched resolution, you will play better and be more successful. That is the simple reason that most pros are choosing stretched. They feel cleaner on it and the ultimate reason may not have any rhyme or reason, quantifying a player’s perception of the game is nearly impossible.

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What’s the best stretched res for fortnite?

Try some of these out, see which one works best for you.

  • 1024×768.
  • 1280×960.
  • 1280×1024.
  • 1440×1080.
  • 600 x 1080.
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