Keyforge How To Play?

How do you play KeyForge?

Every turn, follows these steps:

  1. Check to see if you have enough Aember to forge a key. If so, forge one key.
  2. Declare an active house.
  3. Play, discard, and use cards from the declared house.
  4. Ready all of your exhausted creatures, artifacts, and upgrades.
  5. Draw up to six cards.

How do you play KeyForge for beginners?

The first player is randomly selected (a coin never fails!) who then grabs seven cards. After that, both players can have up to six cards per turn, which can be summoned, discarded or used to generate Æmber. First players can also choose to re-shuffle their decks once and take six new cards instead of seven.

Can you play KeyForge without the starter?

No, you don’t really need the starter set.

How long is a game of KeyForge?


KeyForge being played at the Pyrkon 2019 in Poznań, Poland
Designer Richard Garfield
Age range 14+
Playing time 45+ minutes
Random chance moderate
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How are KeyForge decks unique?

Instead of distributing the pieces (cards) that you need to make your deck, KeyForge distributes the decks themselves – and each deck is entirely unique. Each deck also has a randomly generated name and avatar, and those two things are printed on the back of all 36 cards in the deck.

How many cards do you draw in KeyForge?

Starting the Game Each player shuffles their deck. The first player is randomly decided and draws seven cards. The player going second draws six cards. Both players can mulligan; shuffle their hand into their deck and draw one less card.

Can you mix KeyForge sets?

Every set of KeyForge, whether it be Call of the Archons, Age of Ascension, or any other, is a companion to each other set, not a replacement or a sequel. You do not need to start with one set in order to reach another, and you do not need to switch to the latest Archon Decks in order to remain competitive.

Can you play KeyForge online?

So all you need now is a PC, an internet connection and a registered deck to play with, of course. It was created shortly before the launch of Keyforge and you were able to “test” the game with 4 prebuilt decks, back then. Now you are of course able to import your personal decks and improvements haven’t stopped.

What does purge mean in KeyForge?

PURGE. When a card is purged, it is removed from the game and placed facedown beneath its owner’s identity card. Purged cards no longer interact with the game state in any manner.

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What is the best KeyForge deck?

  1. 10 More of the Best Artifact Equipment Cards in Magic: The Gathering. By Jeremy Gill.
  2. Routine Job. House: Shadows. Win Percentage: 59%
  3. Finishing Blow. House: Shadows. Win Percentage: 58.8%
  4. Relentless Whispers. House: Shadows.
  5. Bait and Switch. House: Shadows.
  6. Faygin. House: Shadows.
  7. Lights Out. House: Shadows.
  8. Urchin. House: Shadows.

How many decks are in a box of KeyForge?

It is also worth noting that decks are packaged in boxes of 12 decks, called a display. We expect a new set to be released every 4-6 months, featuring new cards and maybe even new houses! Picking up one or two displays from any set is a great way to dive in and explore the various available cards and houses.

What is exalt in KeyForge?

Exalt – exalt a creature, you place 1 æmber on it from the common supply. Just like captured æmber, if this creature then leaves play, the æmber is added in your opponent’s pool.

What are chains in KeyForge?

Chains (represented by two small round rings and two tracker boards, one set per player) are obtained typically by using certain creature abilities during their turn. Each player moves their Chain token on a small board; as they gain more Chains, they will draw up to a smaller hand size.

How many houses are in KeyForge?

Every KeyForge deck consists of 3 of the 7 houses that are part of a KeyForge Set. The original houses introduced in Call of the Archons were Brobnar, Dis, Logos, Mars, Sanctum, Shadows and Untamed. The same houses were in the game’s second set, Age of Ascension.

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