How To Play The Fife?

What is the difference between a fife and a flute?

“ Flute ” is the term ( in English) for a transverse instrument (held sideways) that you blow across. A fife is a kind of a smaller flute, but with a completely cylindrical bore (orchestra flutes have a slight taper) and generally narrower bore with a higher pitch than an orchestra flute.

What key is a fife in?

The standard “B♭” fife is an A♭ transposing instrument, meaning that prevailing scoring conventions dictate that the C position on a fife -part staff should correspond to a concert A♭. The standard fife sounds a minor sixth above written, the equivalent of a major-third drop followed by an octave increase.

How much does a fife cost?

The Ferrary reproduction fife is priced at $125. Fifes are very durable but require care like any other musical instrument—they need to be cleaned and oiled regularly and stored in appropriate conditions.

What is a fife used for?

Some regiments had full bands for use in parades and as entertainment away from the battlefield. The fife was an old instrument, basically a flute with a limited range of notes, and useful on the battlefield because it was pitched so high that its sound carried over many of the sounds of battle.

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What does a Fife look like?

Fife, small transverse (side-blown) flute with six finger holes and a narrow cylindrical bore that produces a high pitch and shrill tone. The modern fife, pitched to the A♭ above middle C, is about 15.5 inches (39 cm) long and often has an added E♭ hole covered by a key. Its compass is about two octaves.

What is the meaning of Fife?

/faɪf/ a small flute (= a tube-shaped musical instrument held out sideways) with a high sound, used in military music: He played The Battle Hymn of the Republic on a fife.

What is a fife major?

The Fife Major was the second-in-command of a corps of drums, responsible for the training and discipline of the regiment’s fifers. It was nonetheless a semi-official rank within the British Army, as not every regiment maintained a fife major as part of its establishment.

What is a fife players drum called?

In the United States of America, fife and drum corps specializing in colonial period impressions using fifes, rope tension snare drums, and (sometimes) rope tension bass drums are known as Ancient Fife and Drum Corps.

What happened in Fife in Macbeth?

Fife: Fife is where Macduff and his family live. When Macduff leaves for England, he leaves his family unprotected at his castle in Fife, and Macbeth’s hired thugs kill all of Macduff’s kin there. Macbeth believes that that means that he will never fall from the throne or be killed.

Why did they play flutes in war?

Flutes came into widespread military use after Swiss infantry defeated the supposedly invincible heavy Burgundian cavalry in battles in 1476. The Swiss soldiers used a flute and a drum to signal precise movements to a tight annd mobile formation of soldiers armed with pikes, halberds, swords, crossbows, and firearms.

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