How To Play Sweet Home Chicago?

What tuning is Sweet Home Chicago?

Sweet Home Chicago is a 12 bar blues in the key of E. When playing the riff in the intro, play it in bars 1, 3 and 5 of the progression as seen on the chart below. If you are playing this without any guitarist you can always play some cool chords in between the riff to expand your chordal chops.

Who did the original Sweet Home Chicago?

“Sweet Home Chicago” is a blues standard first recorded by Robert Johnson in 1936. Although he is often credited as the songwriter, several songs have been identified as precedents. The song has become a popular anthem for the city of Chicago despite ambiguity in Johnson’s original lyrics.

What instruments are used in Sweet Home Chicago?

“Over the years the song has become one of the most popular anthems for the city of Chicago despite ambiguity in Johnson’s original lyrics.” Instruments used in the song: drums, two electric guitars, bass guitar, double keys and grand piano.

Did Robert Johnson ever go to Chicago?

There is no evidence, it should be noted, that Johnson ever visited Chicago during his 27 years of life. He occasionally traveled, loosely following the African-American exodus from Mississippi to cities such as St. Louis and Detroit, historians say.

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What is the difference between Delta blues and Chicago blues?

Chicago blues: evolved from Delta blues as poor southern blacks migrated north for work. Basic Delta blues were enhanced with electric guitar amplification, as well as piano and bass guitar. Basic Delta blues were enhanced with electric guitar, bass, and piano, but with slightly less intensity.

What instruments are used in Chicago blues?

Chicago blues is a form of blues music developed in Chicago, Illinois, in the 1950s, in which the basic instrumentation of Delta blues—acoustic guitar and harmonica —is augmented with electric guitar, amplified bass guitar, drums, piano, harmonica played with a microphone and an amplifier, and sometimes saxophone.

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