How To Play Shen?

How do you play against a Shen?

Our Top Counter Tips For Shen If you see him standing in place in a pose and humming, you have to try to CC him somehow. Shen’s Twilight Assault does a lot of damage when the Spirit Blade passes through you. Don’t stand between Shen and his Blade. Shen can taunt you if you’re in his minions, dealing a lot of damage.

How does Shen work?

Active: Shen recalls his spirit blade and draws it. Enemies it collides with are slowed when moving away from Shen for the next 2 seconds. If the spirit blade collided with an enemy champion, those attacks deal increased damage and have +50% Attack Speed. Each attack deals 100% damage to monsters.

How do you play Shen on Reddit?

To play Shen effectively you need to have a reliable carry to support. Keep an eye on the map and be ready to ult whenever you can turn the tides of a fight. Also be ready to ult offensively, to get an objective or to secure kills. Build supportive = Vow Locket.

Why is Shen so good?

Shen does not need that, he just simply use it on the team’s main damage champion to protect that one. Shen has been the strongest champion due to the champion’s annoying playstyle, flexible in both laning and combat. Shen’s abilities are easy to use and newbie can get used to his abilities very fast.

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How does riven counter Shen?

Best Shen Items to Counter Riven The top items to have in your Shen versus Riven build include Spirit Visage, Sunfire Aegis, and Randuin’s Omen. When Shen bought at least these three pieces in his build, he did a lot better against Riven than with most other typical item sets.

Does Shen use energy?

General. Shen with 400 base energy.

Does Shen block Katarina ULT?

Shen’s W now blocks all damage from Kat daggers, e, and ult because they apply on hit effects.

Is Shen good league?

Shen Build 11.9 ranks as an S-Tier pick for the Top Lane role in Season 11. This champion currently has a Win Rate of 52.44% ( Good ), Pick Rate of 5.42% (High), and a Ban Rate of 0.96% (Low).

Is Shen JG viable?

While it can be difficult to master, Shen jungle can be a real asset to your team. He has significant damage output and can be tanky to block most of the damage for your team. The majority of his learning curve is the map awareness.

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