How To Play Shaco?

How do you play shaco support?

As Shaco support, you want to be a sneaky and secretive as possible. To achieve this, you need to stay invisible to the enemy team by being in bush or in the fog-of-war. So when the lane is pushing against you, the enemy bot lane will spot your ADC is isolated and will attempt to catch them out.

How do you play shaco on Reddit?

Ganking as a Shaco is pretty easy, just Q into the lane and place a box a behind the enemy to fear him, if you think he might flash, place the box further into his tower so when he flashes it will be right on top of it, other than that, learn the box timer so you can get a fast start.

Is shaco a good Jungler?

I main Shaco. Hes is strong, especially with quick games and minimal vision for S6. I wouldnt recommend him unless you plan on putting a lot of work into him, because you really need to know his limits and constantly be lutting pressure everywhere, arguably more than any other champion.

Does shaco start blue or red?

Champions that gank really early, such as Shaco, take Red buff first to slow down the enemy and deal extra damage. Another reason for starting at red, is that some champions do not require mana for their abilities, for example Lee Sin and Shyvana.

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Is shaco support viable?

Toplane/Midlane Shaco is no longer viable. Support Shaco continues to survive. Some may wonder: “How do I play AP Shaco Support?”

What Lane is shaco LOL?

Your first ability for level 1 should be Q Deceive, and then you should start maxing out Q Deceive. After that, you can start leveling up E Two-Shiv Poison followed by W Jack In The Box. What Lane Is Shaco? Due to the lane phase of this pick, it is commonly played in the Jungle position.

Is AP or AD Shaco better?

AP Shaco excels in finishing kills off but AD is much better at making kills happen on his own, along with providing his team with insane pressure around the map because of his dueling ability. In summary, AP Shaco is extremely bursty and fast with a much easier build path compared to AD.

Where can I play shaco?

Though over all Shaco is best played in the jungle due to his squishiness and his ganking and his objective control.

Is shaco easy?

Shaco main here: He isn’t extremely hard to learn, but has quite a bit of technical skill involved like juggling aggro with boxes, backing while invisible ect. Despite what everyone is saying, you have an extremely late game IF YOU DIDN’T FEED.

How do you control shaco clone?

Before they added the ability to recast the ult to control pets, the only way to do this was by using the alt key. If you right click while holding down alt, it gives move/attack commands to “pets” like Tibbers or the Shaco clone, rather than your champion.

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How do you deal with shaco jungle?

The most important thing to deal with Shaco is deep wards!

  1. Pinks, lots and lots of pinks.
  2. He’s ganking and you can’t countergank?
  3. Upgrade your sweeper early.
  4. If you can shut him down early, he is completely useless.
  5. He will be trying to kill your ADC or APC in teamfights.
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