How To Play Safeway Monopoly?

Can you play Safeway monopoly online?

You can play online, but it will save you from manually entering a lot of numbers if you get the Shop, Play, Win app for Monopoly in 2021. It’s available for Apple or Android. You will also need to have a digital Just for U account to redeem your prizes.

Does anyone actually win Safeway monopoly?

Yes lot of People won prizes from Shop Play Win Safeway Monopoly Game. Actually you need Rare Pieces to Win Big Amount Prizes from Safeway Monopoly Games.:) It all luck based game and depend on Odd of Winning. Well you can lot of Small Prizes like Grocery Coupon, Small Amount and some other low price Prizes.

Who won Safeway monopoly 2020?

We celebrated a big MONOPOLY win last Friday! Congratulations to Molly M. for winning the $50,000 home makeover!

Who won monopoly 2020?

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Acme Markets announced on Tuesday that a Philadelphia resident won $100,000 through the Albertson’s Companies 2020 Monopoly game. Albertson’s is the parent company of Acme Markets. Pamela S. won the prize by shopping at her local Acme at 1001 South Street in South Philadelphia.

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How long is Safeway monopoly?

From February 2nd, 2020 through May 5th, 2020, you can play the Shop, Play, Win! Safeway Monopoly game to win a part of over $250 million various prizes and cash. There’s a physical version and an online version. The online version goes until May 19th.

How do you scan Monopoly pieces Safeway?

Step by Step Scanning Instructions

  1. Tap the Scan Ticket button and position your instant ticket barcode inside the camera view finder.
  2. If successful, the ticket numbers will auto-populate into the Entry Number boxes.
  3. Tap the Submit Entry button.

Which Safeway Monopoly pieces are rare?

Rare Safeway Monopoly Pieces (2019)

$1,000 Cash 318BE
$1,000 Grocery Gift Card 321AF
$500 Portable Grill & Groceries 327CG
$500 Grocery Gift Card 332DH


Did Safeway extend the Monopoly game?

Yes, Safeway’s popular Monopoly game is back! But, like everything else, there’s a whole new way to play. In a game piece, you get one of three options: an instant prize, digital code to play the Match 3 game online or a discount offer. You then scan the ticket code to play.

What are the rare Monopoly pieces 2020?

Here is a simplified list of the McDonalds Monopoly Canada 2020 rare pieces ordered from the rarest sticker to the most common of rare ones.

  • Percé Rock (Magenta – #206): 1 in 229,376,571.
  • Mackenzie River (Light Blue – #204): 1 in 145,256,960.
  • Portage & Memorial (Green – #220): 1 in 116,205,568.

How do you play Albertsons Monopoly 2020?

All you have to do is go shopping at an Albertsons -owned store for your groceries (groceries that you’ll buy anyway). Then, you collect the game pieces and you can play online. To play online, you simply fill out a submission form. You enter information like your name, email address, address, phone number, etc.

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How do you win at Monopoly?

  1. Develop property as aggressively as you can.
  2. Buy orange and red properties, as they are the most landed-on.
  3. Don’t save your money.
  4. Don’t bother with utilities.
  5. Develop three houses or hotels as quickly as possible.
  6. Later in the game, don’t try to get out of jail right away.

How do you enter codes on Monopoly?

How to Enter Codes:

  1. Shop at Tops and Earn Monopoly Tickets.
  2. Go Here.
  3. Enter Codes from the tickets like shown above in image.
  4. Click on “Submit”
  5. Load the Digital Coupons to your account to save more (if they are still doing this, let me know)
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