How To Play Reinhardt?

How do you play good Reinhardt?

Reinhardt’s main source of damage is swinging his hammer. Each swing deals 75 damage, and you can move and turn while swinging to hit your targets. You should swing your hammer at enemies whenever you aren’t holding up your shield or using another ability.

Is Reinhardt hard to play?

Reinhardt is very hard to play, but easy mechanics (shielding and swinging hammer are simple). What’s hard is knowing where your team is, when to go forward, where to go, when to shield vs. swing (at low ranks you can just shield before fight, swing during fight, but that’s not optimal). Reinhardt is very important.

Can you carry as Reinhardt?

Imo you really can ‘t carry as Rein, you ‘re too dependent on your offtank and healers to pull your team along without coordination. You might have some luck if you can get a healer and offtank friend you can rely on, or trying to direct your team to move with you, especially as you get more aggressive.

How much HP does Reinhardt have?

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Role Tank
Health 300
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Is Reinhardt faster?

a small thing a reinhardt can do to increase his range is to angle a bit away from the target because the hammer reaches further to the left and right of the reticle. but no, reinhardt does not run faster when chasing. there is such a thing in For Honor but in overwatch it doesn’t exist.

How do I look around with Reinhardt?

When your shield is up, hold down right trigger and you can free look. Release to go back to shield control. On PC you need to hold down primary fire to look around.

How do you look behind Reinhardt?

Reinhardt can look behind himself by holding M1 while the shield is up and turning the mouse. He can even walk forward while watching his supports in that view.

How do you not die as Reinhardt?

Stay aware of your health at all times. It’s important to be aggressive as Reinhardt but as soon as your HP dips below 200-300 put up your shield and give your healers time to heal you back up. You want to find that sweet spot of aggression that will keep pressure on the enemy but not too low that you risk dying.

Can tanks carry overwatch?

Generally speaking, they carry well because they very effectively punish the positional errors that low tier players make. Carry tanks are zarya sig and ball. Sig and zarya can put out crazy damage but still need team work.

How do you carry as a tank?

Tl;Dr:if you want to carry as tank do your best two peel for carries, look* for good initiations, build 1 or 2 damage items if you want to do dome damage as a tank to make carrying easier. Know your team comp. THIS team comp is not good in a team fight even if you are ahead or they are behind they can win the fight.

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How do you carry tanks in overwatch?

Overwatch: 10 Tips To Carry Games As A Tank

  1. 1 Remember To Avoid Playing Passively.
  2. 2 Have a Basic Understanding Of All Tank Heroes.
  3. 3 Pick Your Tank Based On The Map.
  4. 4 Counter Enemy Tanks By Swapping Heroes.
  5. 5 Track Enemy Ultimates.
  6. 6 Peel For Your Healers.
  7. 7 Work Around Your Team’s Heroes Picks.
  8. 8 Remember To Body Block.
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