How To Play Hurt By Johnny Cash On Guitar?

What are the chords to Johnny Cash’s Hurt?

The song primarily uses the C, D and Am chords (for the most part) and then later, in the chorus, we use Am7, Fadd9, C and G. These chords symbols seem a bit intimidating, but it’s really just the plain old campfire chords with 1 finger added to a couple of them.

Is Johnny Cash Hurt easy to play?

In this lesson, I’m excited to show you how to play “ Hurt ” as performed by Johnny Cash. Originally a Nine Inch Nails song from 1994, the 2003 Johnny Cash version is an absolute masterpiece and it’s quite approachable. You only need 3-4 chords, and the distinctive intro riff especially is quite easy to learn.

Is Hurt by Johnny Cash hard to play on guitar?

The song is great for beginner guitar players, and features easy beginner guitar chords. The guitar chords in this song are Amin, C Maj and D Maj, G Maj and F Maj. If you are wanting to learn how to play Hurt by Johnny Cash on guitar, you don’t want to miss this guitar lesson.

What are the easiest songs to play on guitar?

Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners

  • Knockin’ on heavens door – Bob Dylan – Chords.
  • The River – Bruce Springsteen – Chords.
  • What’s up – For non blondes – Chords.
  • Perfect – Ed Sheeraan – Chords.
  • Everybody hurts – REM – Video lesson – Tabs.
  • Seven Nation Army – White Stripes – Chords.
  • Kindhearted Woman Blues – Robert Johnson – Chords.
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How do you read guitar chords?

Reading Guitar Chord Charts

  1. the right vertical line represents the 1st string.
  2. the left vertical line represents the 6th string.
  3. the horizontal lines represent the fret bars.
  4. the space between the horizontal lines represent the frets.
  5. the dots tell you where to put your fingers.

Does Johnny Cash use a pick?

He used a flat pick, and his middle finger for many of his licks.

Why did Johnny Cash strum his guitar on the neck?

Why Did Johnny Cash Play on the Neck of His Guitar? He used to strum up the neck of his guitar because he liked the sound it produced.

Did Johnny Cash take guitar lessons?

For equally as long a time, I’ve wanted to learn guitar so I could play Johnny’s songs. And for over 40 years I did nothing about it. I finally began guitar lessons late last year. Those first few lessons were brutal.

What does an A minor chord look like?

The A Minor chord, which forms the root of the A Minor scale, is made up of the notes A, C, and E— the first, third, and fifth notes of the key of A. On the guitar, using the basic A Minor chord position shown in the picture, these notes arrive in this order: E, A, E, B, C and E.

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