How To Play Camille?

Is Camille difficult to play?

If you are a low-elo player, learning Camille could provide you with a good advantage on your opponents who have a hard time grasping her playstyle. The final verdict is that Camille is very strong, but also very difficult.

What role is Camille?


Role Popularity Winrate
Top 94.1% 49.8%
Mid 4.2% 50.8%
Jungler 0.8% 41.5%
Support 0.6% 39.5%


Why is Camille so strong?

Because the Grasp meta on her gives her too much strength in laning phase, and since she already scales very well, it allows her to be strong both in early and in late. Moreover, the rush DeathDance as second item with Grasp makes her quite tanky while she still does a tremendous amount of damages in mid game.

Is Camille jungle viable?

Strengths: Due to the fact that Camille is very mobile, she is very good at ganking. She also deals massive amounts of damage, while being some-what tanky at the same time. As a jungler, she is good throughout the whole match and can always do well.

Where is Camille from lol?

Camille is from Piltover, a city enjoying the fruits of a cultural renaissance. It’s flourishing, and the moneyed families who pull the city’s strings want it to stay that way.

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Why is Camille so op?

Basically, Camille is an extremely OP champion, especially in soloqs due to her strong laning phase and steady power. You will find it quite difficult playing her at the outset, but once you get used to her, she will be a wonderful choice for top lane and help you to improve your elo efficiently.

How well does Camille scale?

Camille has tons of damage, mobility and versatility late game but it is very hard to use. She scales really well due to her mobility and true damage but if you get too far into the game you might feel useless. She’s the best diver in the game and can literally go in, kill the adc and probably survive in most cases.

Does Camille counter teemo?

This champ matchup is relatively common. Camille has to counter Teemo in 70.8% of her games.

Is Camille a bruiser?

Regular bruiser, lane is her weakest point especially without being able to rely on Comet (Bone Plating kinda killed it). her laning is pretty meh honestly, but if you’re a better player than your opponent you can make things happen.

Why does Camille do so much true damage?

What makes her strong is primarily the shield which makes her deceptively tanky. Her ultimate is a bit too strong at level 6 but a cooldown nerf would be enough to sort that out. Crying about her damage is something an idiot would do, Boards.

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