How To Play Betrayal At House On The Hill?

How long does it take to play Betrayal at House on the Hill?

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Manufacturer(s) Avalon Hill
Genre(s) Adventure Exploration Horror
Players 3 to 6
Setup time < 5 minutes
Playing time 30 min – 2hrs


Is Betrayal at House on the Hill hard?

Not difficult, but kids have a tendency to want to read the flavor text as well, which can slow things down. Usually we don’t play too competitively with the kids and just tell them to show one of the adults the card (except the Traitor ) so that we can quickly explain what it is that the card does.

How do you attack on Betrayal at House on the Hill?

Making an Attack Once during your turn, you can attack an opponent in the same room. You can’t attack anyone until after the haunt starts. When you make an attack, roll a number of dice equal to your Might. Your opponent does the same.

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Can you play Betrayal at House on the Hill with 2 players?

Setup: Give each player 2 explorers to control. Keep them in their positions so you know who goes first. When they collect items or omens, put the cards underneath their players. When the traitor is found, give the person who isn’t the traitor the non- traitor character.

Do you have to move in Betrayal at House on the Hill?

Basic rules and adjustments for our email game of “ Betrayal at House on the Hill ” Players take turns moving through the mansion tile by tile. -A player can move as many tiles as their speed value in their turn, but must stop moving once they have to draw a card.

Do you still draw omens after the haunt?

For the heroes, all event, item, and omen cards are drawn and resolved as normal after the haunt. The only exception is that no haunt rolls are made for omens. Of course, like all other rules in the rulebook, this can be overridden by haunt -specific rules.

How many players Betrayal at House on the Hill?

THE DETAILS The game is designed for three to six people, each of whom plays one of six possible characters. Secretly, one of the characters betrays the rest of the party, and the innocent members of the party must defeat the traitor in their midst before it’s too late!

Is betrayal legacy an expansion?

Betrayal Legacy takes the concept of Betrayal at House on the Hill and expands it over the course of 13 (14 if you count the prologue) games. Every time you play after that, the years jump ahead a few decades until the final game when you make it to 2004.

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Does attacking end your turn betrayal?

We generally play that an attack is not an end of turn so as long as you can move to another square with an opponent you can attack again, or if there are two or more on the same square you can attack each.

Are omens items betrayal?

1 Answer. Most Omens are also regular items, yes. From the first edition rulebook (sorry, second edition rulebook isn’t available online anywhere). Most omen cards (except the Bite card) are also items you keep, and they’re used like other items.

Can monsters use dumbwaiters?

I would say no to them moving between 2 dumbwaiter rooms. Not sure if monsters can use them, though. This is correct. You can only use dumbwaiters to move to room landings.

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