How To Play Annie?

What items should I buy for Annie?

Annie Item Build

  • Luden’s Tempest.
  • Sorcerer’s Shoes.
  • Morellonomicon.
  • Horizon Focus.
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass.
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap.

How do you play Annie mid lane?

Annie mid is a whole lot of fun! Take W first and while in fountain, spam it to get your passive stacks going. This way you head to lane with a stun almost charged. Try and hit level 2 first, and immediately take Q.

How do you fight Annie?

The secret to fighting Annie is twofold.

  1. Outranging her is an absolutemust. There’s this thing people call areas of dominance.
  2. You have to accept she will try and flash, ult you and build accordingly.
  3. Ward.
  4. Be ready to cc her and punish her forusing her stun.

How old is Annie from League of Legends?

She is currently 8 years old. FrankenTibbers Annie which still shares the same visual character age as her classic skin.

What Lane does Annie go?

Annie is played in mid lane and as a support. Let’s talk about some of her mid lane matchups. Some of my favorite lane matchups are Yasuo, AP Nidalee, Lissandra, and Twisted Fate. All of them are squishy and easy for Annie to burst down.

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Does Annie counter Yasuo?

Annie encounters Yasuo in 95.6% of her games. Annie has done a good job of countering Yasuo. Typically, she wins a fantastic 52.0% of the time the champs face off with each other in.

Does Annie scale well?

Annie scales very well. But scaling is somewhat of a broad term. Some champs scale very well with attack speed, so their dps is really good for towers, tanks, and objectives. Other scale well with straight up damage, so they burst squishy champs very well.

How do you get the Annie Versary skin in 2020?

While not too many details are known about the skin itself, like its rarity or what the skills look like, Annie – versary can be earned by logging into League of Legends during the game’s 11 Days of Gifting event and playing a game. This skin is jarring.

Who counter Annie mid?

Annie Counter Pick

Win Rate Play Rate
AzirEmperor of the Sands 46.17% 1.72%
KarthusDeathsinger 51.39% 2.75%
HeimerdingerRevered Inventor 50.88% 0.93%
Aurelion SolStar Forger 51.15% 1.16%


Can Annie Play support?

So how do you play Annie support? She doesn’t really have any supporting abilities except her stun, and it’s hard to proc that back-to-back.

Is Annie good lol?

Annie has gone from complete irrelevance to becoming one of the strongest mid laners in solo queue as a result of her Patch 10.10 buffs. The Dark Child currently boasts an incredible 52.32% win rate on the current patch, the fourth highest of any mid laner, dwarfing her 50.47% win rate from just one week ago.

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How does ahri counter Annie?

Best Ahri Runes to Counter Annie To have the best probability of crushing Annie as Ahri, you should equip the Electrocute, Taste of Blood, Eyeball Collection, Ravenous Hunter, Manaflow Band, and Scorch runes.

How do you beat fizz in Annie?

Auto attack him every time he goes for a minion, harassing fizz to the point of him not being to all in you at 6 is important. Try to stun him with W instead of Q, the Q stun is easily avoidable. If he’s stunned he can’t dodge eh.

What is Annie combo?

Annie has two main burst combos, which are Summon: Tibbers > Disintegrate > Incinerate and Summon: Tibbers > Incinerate > Disintegrate.

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