FAQ: How To Play Wrf Files?

How do I play WRF files on Windows Media Player?


  1. Click atwrf2wmv. zip under the “Download” header.
  2. Navigate to and double-click the downloaded file.
  3. Double-click atwrf2wmv.
  4. Follow the InstallShield Wizard for Webex WRF to WMV.
  5. Click Install.
  6. Open Webex Converter.
  7. Click Add.
  8. Click Browse next to “Source file.” Your file browser will pop up.

How do I open a WRF file?

How to Open a WRF File. You can open one with Cisco’s WebEx Player. Use the Windows download link on that page to get an MSI file or the macOS one to download the player in the DMG file format.

How do I play WebEx files?

Start the WebEx Network Recording Player and open your ARF file. If you have an account on your WebEx site:

  1. On the navigation bar at the left, select Support.
  2. Select Downloads.
  3. Scroll down to the Recorders and Players section and select Recording and Playback.
  4. Download the desired player.

Which player supports WRF files?

The WebEx player is most common player to play the recorded WRF files. You can download this WebEx player From Below links.

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Can I convert WRF file to MP4?

As you play the WRF file click on the “ File ” menu and select “ Convert ” option. From the formats displayed click on the “ MP4 (MPEG-4) Format” option. Step 4. You will then see a convert dialogue window that will pop up.

How do I convert a WRF file?


  1. Search for and open ” Webex Converter ” on your computer.
  2. In the converter, under file, click the Add button.
  3. For the Source file, click Browse, and locate the WRF file on your computer.
  4. Select the file and then click Open, then OK.
  5. Click on Start Converting.

How do I convert Webex recording to MP4?

Convert Recordings to MP4 Download the recording file to your local computer. Open the Webex Recording Converter and go to File > Convert To MP4 and locate the file that you want to convert. If the Convert to MP4 option is dimmed, it’s because you’re trying to convert a streaming recording.

How do I play ARF files on Windows?

Open www.webex.com/ play -webex-recording.html in your browser. You can download the free Network Recording Player app for your system here, and use it to open ARF files. Click Windows or Mac OSX under the “. ARF File ” heading.

Does Webex record meetings automatically?

Under Webex Meeting Sites, select the Webex site to change the privileges for. Click Advanced User Settings and Tracking Codes. Under the User Settings section, check Automatically record all meetings.

Can I record a Webex meeting if I am not the host?

Bandicam allows not only the host but also attendees to record Webex or GoToMeeting with audio. If you’re the host of the meeting, you can record Webex or GoToMeeting through the internal recording function of Webex /GoToMeeting.

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How do I open a Webex session?

Webex stores all your recorded meetings either locally on your computer or on your Webex site. You can access your recordings and share or download them from your Webex site. If you were invited to a meeting as an attendee or alternate host, reach out to the host of your meeting to get the recording.

How do I convert an ARF file to MP4?

Cisco WebEx: Convert a recording to. MP4

  1. Step 1 – Export. ARF file from WebEx. Go to My WebEx > My Files > My Recordings.
  2. Step 2 – Install the WebEx Network Recording Player. Sign in to WebEx and go to Meeting Center > Support > Downloads. Select Recorder and Players > Recording and Playback.
  3. Step 3 – Convert. ARF file to. MP4.

How can I view WRF files online?

It is possible to receive a link to view a WRF file online, but if you have received a WRF file in any direct way, the only option you have to view it is by downloading the Cisco Webex player to view it.

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