FAQ: How To Play Petanque?

What are the rules of petanque?

All players must keep both feet on the ground and within this circle when throwing. The player then throws the cochonnet which must land between 6 and 10 metres away and be at least half a metre away from any obstacle such as the edge of the pitch or a tree.

What is the difference between petanque and boules?

The difference between boules, bocce and petanque explained in simple terms is that boules is petanque, even though it is wrong. You see boule is a french word meaning “balls”. Boules is a collective name for a wide range of ball games, including petanque and bocce. Normally it involves throwing or bowling the ball.

How many balls are in a petanque set?

Proper petanque boules are sold only in sets of 3 or 6 boules — that is, as one or two sets of 3 boules each. The picture at the right is of a set of 6 petanque leisure boules available from the Petanque America online store. Such a set is enough to equip two people to play doubles or triples.

What is the small ball in petanque called?

This is achieved by throwing or rolling boules closer to the small target ball, officially called a jack but known colloquially as a cochonnet, or by hitting the opponents’ boules away from the target, while standing inside a circle with both feet on the ground.

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What equipment do you need to play petanque?

Here are some of the items you should have in order to play a petanque match. The boules are the hollow metal balls thrown towards the target wooden ball. Each boule must be crafted according to specific regulations in order to make sure the game is fair.

How long is a petanque court?

The standard measurements for a Petanque court or a boules pitch state that it should be at least 15 metres long with a width of 4 metres wide. By having a pitch which is the standard size allows players of all ages and abilities to join in with this classic garden game.

Where does petanque come from?

The current form of the game originated in 1907 in La Ciotat, in Provence, in southern France. The English and French name pétanque comes from petanca in the Provençal dialect of the Occitan language, deriving from the expression pès tancats [ˈpɛs taŋˈkats], meaning “feet together” or more exactly “feet anchored”.

What happens if you hit the jack in petanque?

If, after having been struck, the jack travels into an out-of-bounds area before returning, finally, on to the playing area, it is classed as dead and the actions defined in Article 13 apply. The first boule of an end is thrown by a player belonging to the team that has won the toss or has been the last to score.

Can you hit the jack in petanque?

Answer: NO. Neither team may challenge the jack after the jack has been measured and shown to be valid. Players sometimes cite a mythical rule that “the second team has a right to play to a jack between 6 and 10 meters”, and argue that the jack is invalid because it is now more than 10 meters from the circle.

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What is the game Petanque?

Pétanque is a French (Provençal to be precise) outdoor game played by two opposing teams trying to throw boules (metallic spheres the size of an orange) as close as possible to a but (little wooden sphere the size of a plastic bottle cork, also called a cochonnet, meaning piglet).

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