FAQ: How To Play Lost Ark?

Can you play Lost Ark in us?

Well, hold your Silver Raptor mounts, because for now, Lost Ark is only available in South Korea and Russia. Around August, the company made a deal with Amazon and announced the release of several of its titles (including Lost Ark ) in the US by 2021.

Can you play Lost Ark in English?

And the game will be entirely playable and completely understandable. And that’s it – now you can play the game in English. It’s really that simple. However, when closing out of the game make certain to close the game FIRST, followed by the Patcher SECOND, and then ExitLag LAST.

Do you need a VPN to play Lost Ark?

In addition, you require a fast VPN. If your VPN is too slow, you will not actually be able to enjoy playing Lost Ark. That is why it is essential to stick to VPNs with high quality Tier 1 servers designed to handle a lot of throughput.

Is there a lost ark in NA?

The exact sentence from the translation states “the company’s flagship game, Lost Arc[sic], will be officially released to users in North America and Europe by 2021”.

Is Lost Ark pay to win?

Yes, its P2W. People really dont wanna say it, but yes Lost Art is P2W, you get advantage by spending money.

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Is Lost Ark free?

Is LOST ARK Free -to-Play(F2P)? Yes, Lost Ark is free -to-play so far in Korea and Russia regions with cash shop monetization. Not pay-to-win, it’s rather a pay-to-progress faster system.

How do you use ExitLag in Lost Ark?

Once you’ve installed ExitLag, launch it and it’ll prompt you to login with your account. Search for Game Center and add it to ExitLag. Search for “ Lost Ark RU” and add it to ExitLag. Make sure it has RU in the name as “ Lost Ark ” is the KR version.

Will Lost Ark come to the West?

Lost Ark Western Release Date | North America and Europe Launch. According to the press release announcing the deal between Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG for the launch of “one of our AAA games to Western players” (said Smilegate CEO Chi Won Gil), the Lost Ark western release date is 2021.

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