FAQ: How To Play Jembe?

Is djembe easy to learn?

In fact, a hand drum like a djembe can easily fulfill all the needs of a drummer, and more. The djembe is easy to learn, no matter the musical skill or ability of the person it sits before. Starting out with djembe drumming is as simple as beating out the rhythm to a favorite song.

What are the three main djembe playing techniques?

Djembe players use three basic sounds: bass, tone, and slap, which have low, medium, and high pitch, respectively. These sounds are achieved by varying the striking technique and position.

What does a djembe sound like?

The tone is a medium high-pitched, round, “matt” sound while slap is a high-pitched, open, sharp whiplash- like sound and bass is a low, round sound. The tone and slap are played on the edge of the drumhead, the bass in the centre. The tone, slap and bass.

French English
bass basse bass


What is an open tone?

Of the three basic strokes, the tone is in the middle register between the bass on the low end and the slap on top. Depending on the drum, the tone can sound dry and muted or round and bright. When you make an open tone, the alignment of your hand in relation to the edge of the drumhead is critical.

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What is the best djembe drum to buy?

The best djembe brands will generally include the following:

  • Meinl – excellent quality, best bang for your buck.
  • Remo – standard synthetic djembes.
  • Africa Heartwood – most authentic djembe available.
  • Terre – huge selection of different types of djembes.
  • madedrums – authentic djembes.
  • Toca – synthetic djembes.

What makes a good djembe?

A perfect djembe should have 3/16″ (4mm-5mm) rope that is round and not frayed. The djembe should be between 22.5″ to 25″ tall (we like 24.5″). A slightly round bearing edge that may be very sharp or curved for more comfort. 22 -28 or more loops on the top and bottom rings.

What is the djembe family called?

Djembe Construction Technically, it belongs to the family of percussion instruments known as membranophones, because it consists of a shell covered by a membrane of rawhide, usually derived from goat or cow.

How do you use balafon?

The balafon is amplified by small gourds underneath the keys, with small layers of film covering holes to create a unique buzzing sound. Some people say it sounds like an electric keyboard! One hand typically plays the lower half, and the other hand plays the upper half.

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