FAQ: How To Play Hay Day?

How do you level up fast in hay day?

The easiest way to level up faster in Hay Day is by harvesting crops that grow quickly. Carrots and wheat are the preferred ones for this since wheat grows pretty quickly and carrots are one of the most trending crops.

Do Hay Day Hacks work?

The fact is that there are no legitimate sources of Hay Day cheat codes, hacks, cheap diamonds, free diamonds, or anything of the kind. Many of these services ask you to download a program, fill out a survey, or provide your Hay Day log in information, and promise free diamonds in return.

What is the purpose of hay day?

Hay Day is a farming game that you can play on your mobile device. The goal of the game is to create a profitable farm while buying and selling goods to other players.

Can we play Hay Day on PC?

Hay Day from Supercell, creator of Clash of Clans game app, can now be played on your Windows. Yes, you read that right. Hay Day for PC is now doable on your PC or laptop.

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What item sells for the most on hay day?

Bread – This has the highest profit per hour at 180 coins /hour. Necklace – This has the highest profit per piece at 168 coins each. That’s just a couple of big ones but if you want to know more check out the hay day wikia page it gives all the max prices for products.

What’s the highest level in hay day?

The maximum experience level is currently set at 800.

What’s the most expensive thing on hay day?

At level 33, the most expensive items are: Cherry Popsicle (352), Violet Dress (327), Wooly Chaps (309), Cheesecake (284), Apple Pie (270). Casserole (367) will take over the top spot at level 36, then Blackberry Jam (388) at level 37, then a big jump to the Bracelet (514) at level 38.

Can hay day be hacked?

The hay day servers are connected thru a server that is constantly online. So you won’t be able to gain any access to that server unless you are a admin or someone with enough experience to be able to hack it. Some games like Dragonvale have their servers offline.

How do you get rich on hay day?

” Hay Day “: 3 Tricks to Make Money (Fast)

  1. Use Tom to Run Your Errands. Tom is a little like an errand boy.
  2. Get Rare Items by Planting Wheat. Rare items are items used to expand or clear your land, upgrade buildings, and work in the mine.
  3. Take Advantage of Newspaper Ads.
  4. 10 Best Modern RPGs.
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Is hay day shutting down?

Unfortunately, we have made the hard decision to end the development of Hay Day Pop. With the community’s help, we made some great changes to the game that made it more fun with every update that we released. We believe our players deserve to play the very best games.

How many players does hay day have?

Hay Day, by game developer Supercell, draws 4 million players per day, 69 % of them women.

Is it hey day or hay day?

Heyday is the only accepted spelling of this word. Neither hayday nor heydey is correct. Choosing heyday over hayday can be difficult, until you remember that hayday contains the word hay, and hay is for horses.

Can I play HayDay on Windows 10?

Hay Day for PC: Hay Day is the best ever farming game and is number one game in almost more than 120 countries. Hay Day has been installed by millions of smart mobile and tablet users of all platforms. Now, you can also play Hay Day for Windows 10 /8.1/8 PC /Laptop for free.

Is HayDay worth playing?

This game has what few new games do, the ability to play as much as I want. I have more than 5 turns and I don’t need to pay. I think in the beginning I paid $9.99 for diamonds and I haven’t spent money since. Well worth it.

How safe is bluestacks?

Yes. Bluestacks is very safe to Download and install on your laptop. We have tested the Bluestacks app with almost all anti-virus software and none of detected any malicious software with the Bluestacks.

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