FAQ: How To Play Echo?

Is Echo good overwatch?

Her mobility is fine. She’s very easy to kill after the initial burst is done. If people can’t kill her as she predictably glides down (probably in a bad position in plat) they are bad.

How do I get good at Echo?

Overwatch:10 Echo Tips Every Damage Player Needs To Know

  1. 4 Always Remember That She’s Most Effective At (Fairly) Close Range.
  2. 5 Try To Avoid Fighting Other Echoes Wherever Possible.
  3. 6 Try To Master Her Tricky Ultimate.
  4. 7 Take Advantage Of Her Mobility.
  5. 8 Be Very Wary Around Hitscan Heroes.
  6. 9 Understand Her Basic Weaknesses Too.
  7. 10 Understand Her Basic Strengths.

When can you play as Echo?

Echo will be available on the PC and console versions of Overwatch on April 14, Blizzard announced on April 9th.

Is Echo overpowered overwatch?

Echo is OP, because her general kit is top notch and her ult is EASILY the best ult in the game, and will never be anything less purely because of what it is, this is problematic, no hero should make other heros pointless, this is not healthy for the game, her ult though admittedly difficult to execute is just as

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Is Echo too strong?

Overwatch’s new hero, Echo, is a culmination of the game’s hero design, for better or for worse. But within the context of Overwatch — where 31 other heroes share the same DNA — she’s too powerful because of how much she’s familiar to the game’s ethos, just cranked up to 11.

Is Echo a flanker?

Tips on how to play Echo in Overwatch Echo’s mobility leads her to being a great flanker, but don’t get greedy.

Who is Echo strong against?

As a general guideline, Echo is typically best at fighting enemies from mid-range; her primary fire is harder to aim the further away she is, her Focusing Beam has a 16m range, and landing Sticky Bombs is easier. Be mindful of turrets.

How do you beat echo overwatch?

You should try to aim at her face which isn’t as hard as it sounds as it’s glowing blue and is actually really big! Also try to be on full health before going to kill her, however, if you are playing Reinhardt you should give up while you’re ahead and just leave the game!

What language does echo speak?

Echo speaks Singlish, an English-based creole language spoken in Singapore. Team Singapore community lead Caldoran had previously called attention to one of Echo’s voice lines, “Shiok,” which is “distinctively Singlish slang and used to convey pleasure or enjoyment.”

What time does echo go live?

This new Overwatch update will be going live at the same time on all platforms, including PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. No set time has been announced by the development team, but we would expect the new character to become playable as part of a bigger patch, with updates usually going live around 7pm, BST.

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Is Echo a PTR?

Right after TimTheTatman went on stream with Jeff Kaplan to unveil the new character and first reveal her weapon, abilities and ultimate, Echo was released on the PTR. She is now officially live to play.

Can echo ULT another echo?

You can ‘t use Echo’s ult on another Echo –but if you could, here’s how it’d go. So, this COULD work in a regular game as long as the enemy team has an Echo and that Echo doesn’t die or escape your LoS. But it’s much easier to chain Echo ults in a no-limits game packed full of Echos, so imagine where this is happening.

Is Echo balanced?

Echo is actually surprisingly balanced.

How do you echo ULT?

When Echo uses Duplicate, she targets an enemy hero and turns into them for 15 seconds. During this time, she charges the duplicated hero’s ultimate ability extremely quickly. She also gains full health when duplicating a hero, regardless of what health she’s at when she uses the move.

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