FAQ: How To Play Classical Gas?

Is Classical Gas hard to play?

it is hard to learn but it’s not that technical, it’s just really about where to place your fingers. Getting the rhythm is not that hard, but people do seem to struggle the most with the chorus/verse build ups, so work hard on those. Just listened to your playing, fantastic if you ask me!

Why is it called classical gas?

Mason Williams said that he wrote this song as “fuel,” or a standby, for the classical guitar in case anyone wanted to hear him play something for them, therefore he called it ” Classical Gasoline.” During recording, ” Gasoline ” was inadvertently abbreviated to ” Gas ” by the music copyist, giving it the name ” Classical

Who wrote classical gas?

Mason Williams was in his late 20s when he wrote the instrumental hit “Classical Gas.” He was working for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour at the time, where he wrote some 74 shows.

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