FAQ: How To Play Charterstone?

How do you beat the Charterstone?

Buy buildings from the card stock, get them into your charter. Also, keep coming second rather than dashing between 1st and 3rd in games. It’s better that you score a consistent 5 glory than find yourself one short on points from another glory in the next game.

How do you use Charterstone minions?

A minion is a type of worker that you may place only on unoccupied buildings in your charter. When you do, gain the minion benefit, then pay the building cost, then gain the the building benefit.

Is Charterstone good with 2 players?

If you’ve been on the fence about this as a 2 – player game, get off that fence and plunge right into Charterstone. It is fantastic, even at just 2. We used the Automas for 3/4 of a game (Game 3) and then retired them and still had a fun and competitive experience.

How many games does Charterstone have?

Players work together over a twelve game campaign to build a village, while simultaneously competing to win each game, and ultimately win the campaign.

Can you play Charterstone more than once?

One thing to note about Charterstone is that it is a rechargeable game. With most legacy-style games, you can only play through it once, and many consumers find that irritating. The standard game board is double-sided.

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What was the first legacy board game?

SeaFall. The first legacy title created as such from the ground up, SeaFall is set in a world that is only just beginning to grasp the intricacies of ocean exploration.

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