FAQ: How To Play Carrom?

What are the rules of carrom?

If a player sinks an opponent’s piece, that player loses a turn. If a player sinks an opponent’s last carrom man, they lose the board and three points. If a player sinks their last piece before the queen, they lose the board, three points and one point for each of their opponent’s pieces left.

How do you play carrom board step by step?

Lightly dust the Board with Carrom Powder and place the Queen in the centre circle in the middle of the Board. Arrange the Carrom Men / Coins around the Queen, alternating the dark and light pieces in a circle. Determine which player is going first.

Which finger is best for carrom?

Place the edge of your palm on the board to steady your hand. Place your middle finger on the board immediately behind the middle of the edge of the striker, touching the striker with your fingernail if possible.

How do you play 2 player Carrom?

If two, the players sit opposite each other, while with four, the opposite two are partners. As an exception, though, you can play with three players against each other for points. Arrange the carrom men on the centre circle of the carrom board as shown in the following illustration, with the red ‘queen’ at the centre.

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Who is the father of carrom?

A. Maria Irudayam

Personal information
Born 1956 Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Country India
Sport Carrom


What is C M in carrom?

‘ C / m ‘ shall mean Carromman/ Carrommen. ‘Board’ shall mean from the commencement of a board, after Umpire calls ‘Play’ till its completion on pocketing of last C / m of any player. ‘Break’ shall mean the first stroke of a board. ‘Finish’ shall mean the completion of the board. ‘Player’ shall mean a Carrom player.

How do you play carrom for beginners?

You hold your hand palm side down and rest your fingertips very lightly on the carrom board. You would hold your index finger just behind the piece and make your shot by flicking your finger. For added control, hold the striker between your thumb and third finger to position it before flicking it.

How do you play carrom without fear?

The first is steady your striking hand on the board with the base/edge of your palm, and/or thumb, and/or non-striking fingers. This ensures that the striker is flicked and not pushed. The other thing is make sure your striking finger is as close as you can to the striker, touching it if possible.

What is the use of arrow in carrom?

Why are there arrow marks near all the four corners of carrom board? In Carrom these are called as imaginary lines. The basic idea of this lines are these marks the boundary of a player in one side where he or she cannot stretch any part of their body while playing a shot.

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Can we use both hands in carrom?

Carrom’s definition gives some more leeway because we ‘re using fingers instead of cue sticks, but the concept is still the same. Using two fingers undoubtedly results in striking the striker twice. Either hand could be used for thumbing but not both at the same time.

How can I improve my carrom game?

Get better at playing carrom with these tips

  1. Side Shot. This shot can be called a displacement shot.
  2. Middle Shot. This one is a tricky shot and not all players can play it successfully.
  3. Cut and Take.
  4. Alley.
  5. Second Hit.
  6. Board Shot.
  7. Cut Shot.
  8. Back Shot.

How do you smooth Carrom?

Use powder to ensure smooth surface while playing- But do not use talcum powder or any other kinds of powder as a boric based powder is especially manufactured to facilitate smooth surface of carrom board while playing. Professionals use only boric acid based powder and you can use it any number of time while playing.

Can we play carrom online with friends?

A: You can invite your Facebook friends to play Carrom Live with you. Make sure that you are logged on through Facebook. Guest users can not invite their friends. Select the Play button.

Can 4 players play in Carrom King?

Carrom King can be played in 4 modes! This mode requires a high-speed mobile data connection and your readiness to compete with players online. The rules of the game are same those of the international carrom game only with the difference that this is a digital carrom game which you can play with real players online.

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